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Gem Fishing App Review – Can You Make Over $1K a Day?

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Welcome to my Gem Fishing review!

A new mobile game is going viral, and it’s called Gem Fishing.

This casual game is making waves across the internet, but not just for its gameplay.

The developers are promoting it with some seriously bold claims, and the most eye-catching of them all is the promise of real cash prizes!

The game’s creators say that you can “Play Gem Fishing – make an extra $1 – 3k a day…” Hold on a second, a DAY?

That’s an incredibly unrealistic claim!

Even earning $3 daily from a casual mobile game would be a stretch, trust me.

In their promotional video, a woman boldly states that she now works from home for just 2-3 hours a day and averages four figures daily, all thanks to Gem Fishing.

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They even display a screenshot of a notification that reads, “You have received $2,510.”

It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Can you trust that this game will transfer the money to you as promised?

Is Gem Fishing a legitimate way to earn cash, or is it just another fake app designed to waste your time and raise your hopes?

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Let’s find out!

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Gem Fishing Review


  • Name: Gem Fishing
  • Developer: BigSharkLabs
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout Threshold: ?
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: Fake


What is Gem Fishing?


Gem Fishing is a match-3 puzzle game, just like Candy Crush, but with a fishing theme.

The game is developed using Unity, which is pretty standard in the industry.

Regarding gameplay, it’s pretty straightforward – you have to swipe and match three or more identical gems or figures side by side.

As a result, when you successfully do this, you can create higher-level gems or fish.

Moreover, the fish you catch can be placed in your virtual fish pond for breeding, and in turn, the farmed fish generate gold coins that you can use to buy more props and bait in the game.

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Additionally, you earn scores by merging gems and fish, and once you reach the goal, you unlock a new fish to put inside your pond.

Despite the engaging gameplay, there are a few things that concern me.

Firstly, the game is still in early access, which means there are no reviews or comments on the Play Store.

Consequently, I find this disappointing because I don’t get to learn from other players’ experiences or know if the game pays out.

Furthermore, things get a bit confusing for me when it comes to money.

When I downloaded the game, the developer promoted it by saying I could make thousands of dollars daily and cash out via PayPal or other payment methods.

However, I don’t see any cash rewards or a cash balance anywhere in the version I’m playing.

As a result, this makes me question the legitimacy of the developer’s claims.

Usually, in games like these, I expect to see a clear indication of my cash earnings, but Gem Fishing doesn’t seem to have that feature.

Consequently, I wonder if the promises of significant daily earnings are just a marketing tactic to attract players.

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Is Gem Fishing Legit? Does it Pay?


It’s time to expose the truth about Gem Fishing, and the review is relatively short because there isn’t much to say about this game.

So, the cash rewards are completely fake!

There may be two versions of this app floating around on the internet, but the one I installed doesn’t have any cash accumulation feature.

Usually, developers of such games provide cash rewards that you can claim after tapping a button and watching an advertisement.

However, Gem Fishing fails to deliver on this front. At least in the version I downloaded, there is no cash balance.

You merely collect fish in the pond and coins that can’t be converted to cash.

Therefore, I can only assume that the advertisement for this game was misleading.

Many people will likely start playing Gem Fishing with high hopes of getting paid, only to discover that the game will not pay anyone a single dime.

It’s a waste of time, plain and simple.

In the end, the only ones making money from Gem Fishing are the developers themselves.

They’ve created a game that lures players in with the promise of easy cash but fails to deliver.

It’s a disappointing reality, but players should know it before investing their time and energy into this game.

Even if you find a version of Gem Fishing that seems to have a cash balance, don’t be fooled.

The developers might try to make you believe that you need to reach a certain amount of cash before you can withdraw your money.

But here’s the truth: they want you to watch a bunch of ads and waste your time.

The more time you spend trying to reach a cash-out goal, the more money they make off of you.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Gem Fishing review! I hope you found it helpful.

Did you try the game yourself? Did you find the same version as me, or did you see the one advertised with cash prizes?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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