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Dancing Block Review – Is it Legit? Win Real Money?

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Welcome to my Dancing Block review!

Today, I’m reviewing Dancing Block, a casual puzzle game that has recently made some bold claims.

You might have seen their ads promising players the chance to earn hundreds of dollars, or even up to $3000 per day, through PayPal or Cash App.

Sounds too good to be true.

I mean, let’s be real here. The idea of making that kind of cash from a free mobile game seems a bit far-fetched.

But I get it – the temptation is real. After all, you’re not risking any of your own money, so what’s the harm in giving it a shot?

Well, here’s the thing: while you might not be spending your hard-earned cash on this game, you are investing your time.

And time is valuable, folks. It’s the one resource we can’t get back, and it’s the same time you could be using to make some real money.

So, the big question is whether Dancing Block is legit or just another fake money-making app.

Will they pay out those big bucks, or are we all just wasting our time?

Join me as I  uncover the truth behind this puzzle game.

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Dancing Block Review 


  • Name: Dancing Block
  • Developer: Arbud Developer
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: $120
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Dancing Block?


Dancing Block is this free puzzle game on your Android phone.

The game itself is pretty simple – all you have to do is swipe the blocks around the screen until they crash into a wall that’s the same color.

When that happens, boom! The blocks get destroyed. Easy peasy.

Now, the goal is to clear the whole board. Once you finish a level, you’re supposed to get a cash prize as a reward. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

You can watch video ads to boost your earnings and enjoy some extra income.

However, there’s a catch – you can only cash your money once you meet specific requirements. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

I have to admit, the game looks pretty cool with its bright colors and simple controls.

It’s the kind of thing casual gamers might enjoy when they’re just looking to kill some time.

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However, the main attraction of Dancing Block is the potential to earn real money.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make some cash just by playing an easy casual game on their phone?


How Does Dancing Block Work? 


Dancing Block is available worldwide, and you can play it on your Android device.

You don’t need to sign up – agree to their privacy policy, and you’re ready.

They say they’ll use your Google Advertising ID (GAID) to give you the full Google service experience. What’s that all about?

GAID is a unique code that Google uses to show ads tailored just for you.

It also helps them monitor your activity across different apps and services—like a digital ID card but for advertising purposes.

Regarding data safety, I don’t trust these types of mobile apps.

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I strongly advise against sharing your email or any other personal information with them.



Swipe your hand up, down, left, or right to match the squares with the corresponding wall color, clearing them from the board.

The goal is to clear all the blocks and complete the level, which supposedly earns you a generous cash prize if you watch an ad.

Additionally, you’ll receive coins that can be exchanged for cash.


Cash Rewards

The cash withdrawal system in Dancing Block has specific requirements based on the amount you wish to withdraw.

To cash out $120, you need to complete 300 levels. For $200, you’ll need to finish 500 levels, and to withdraw $400, you must complete 800 levels.

But there’s more! You can earn even more income by watching more than ten videos.

The “Change in rate of return” chart shows an increasing return rate each day, starting from 2% on Day 1 to an impressive 80% by Day 10.

The “Today’s earnings” section reveals that the current rate of return is 2%, and the estimated revenue is $0, prompting you to watch ten more videos.

The income will be distributed at 0 o’clock every day.

Now, let’s talk about the coins. Each coin is worth $10, and you can supposedly withdraw once you’ve accumulated $60.

If you complete 300 levels, your reward multiplies by an astonishing factor of 100. That’s wild!


Is Dancing Block Legit? Does it Pay? 


Alright, folks. It’s time to seriously discuss these so-called money-making games like Dancing Block.

I know the promise of easy cash is tempting, but let’s be real – it’s just not going to happen.

So, Dancing Block is another fake cash game, and you won’t get paid!

The developer behind this game is using the lure of big payouts to keep you playing and watching ads.

They’ll keep raising the bar, making it harder and harder to reach the cash-out requirements.

Seeing how they take advantage of people’s hopes is frustrating, especially during challenging times.

They’ll flash those $100, $200, or even $400 rewards, but there is no chance of actually receiving that money.

And let’s talk about those crazy requirements for a second. Three hundred levels for $120? Five hundred levels for $200? Eight hundred levels for $400?

Come on, that’s just unreasonable!

They expect you to spend considerable time glued to your screen generating ad views.

It isn’t enjoyable to see the developer resort to these tactics. They’re taking advantage of people’s trust and desire to earn some extra cash, and it’s just not right.




Listen up, folks. If you’ve been playing Dancing Block and hoping to make some serious cash, I have some advice for you.

It’s time to hit that uninstall button and focus your energy on something that actually pays off.

Instead of wasting countless hours swiping blocks and chasing empty promises, let me introduce you to Freecash, an app that can help you earn money.

With Freecash, you will earn real money by effortlessly completing tasks such as surveys and offers.

And the best part? You can cash out your earnings via PayPal, gift cards, or even crypto.

Some offers on Freecash can even net you over $100!

Imagine what you could do with that extra cash – treat yourself to something nice, save for a rainy day, or even invest in your future.

Get FreeCash now and start making extra money using your phone!


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Dancing Blocks review!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this game. Have you played it? Share your experience in the comments below!


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