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ColorLink Review – No Withdrawal Threshold! Is it Legit?

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Welcome to my Color Link review!

Today’s post is about ColorLink, Android’s latest puzzle game sensation.

The application advertises the chance to rake in hundreds of dollars by connecting dots or circles of the same color.

The advert confidently tells the audience that this is a genuine money-making game.

Moreover, it claims to send automatic PayPal payments with no cashout threshold – even as low as $0.3.

colorlink advert

It’s no wonder that ColorLink has attracted over 100k gamers!

The prospect of effortless earnings is undeniably tempting.

However, the internet is rife with tales of gaming apps that fall short of their lavish claims.

So, is ColorLink legit or just another deceptive ploy to consume your precious time?

In this review, we’ll delve deep into the heart of ColorLink to uncover the truth!

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ColorLink Review


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  • Name: ColorLink
  • Developer: Fun Finder
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: $150
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is ColorLink?


ColorLink is an Android puzzle game where players connect the dots to complete levels.

The concept is straightforward: tap to connect dots of the same color through straight lines and earn cash rewards.

After you conquer a level, ColorLink offers “decent” cash prizes worth a few dollars.

And you can always double your earnings by simply pressing a button and watching an advertisement.

The promises of easy cash often come with strings attached.

ColorLink is framed as a brain-training exercise, but does it train your wallet?

Adding to the skepticism, ColorLink is still in early access, which means there are zero user reviews on the Play Store.

Developers often use classification to avoid negative feedback that could steer many players away.

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That makes me even more suspicious!

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter and explore how ColorLink works.


How Does ColorLink Work? 


ColorLink is available on Android worldwide and offers cash rewards without the need for registration.

While it claims to encrypt user data, you should remain skeptical and vigilant as encryption can sometimes be weak.

Installing a reliable VPN on your device is a wise decision to enhance your security.

Now, let’s dissect ColorLink’s gameplay.



As you probably know, ColorLink features a grid containing dots of various colors.

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Your mission is clear: connect all dots of the same color by forming straight lines between them.

The challenge lies in ensuring that no two lines cross over each other, adding a layer of complexity to the puzzle.

colorlink gameplay

When you complete a level, the game will reward you with cash prizes in US dollars.

Like most “cash” games, ColorLink introduces an enticing option to boost your earnings further.

By tapping a button and watching an advertisement, you can double your winnings.

You can earn stars by watching these advertisements. The importance of these stars will become apparent soon.

However, it’s crucial to note that the developer generates revenue from advertisers when you view these videos.

Many of these short clips promote dubious cash games that flood the Play Store, often misleading the public.

ColorLink offers props that can be used strategically to help you progress in challenging levels.

Furthermore, the game features a Rewards section, tempting users with the promise of redeeming impressive prizes like smartphones and laptops.

To access these rewards, tap on bubbles that appear while playing the game to trigger ads and collect enough puzzle pieces.


How to Cash out

Contrary to the developer’s advertising claims, there is a payout threshold.

You’ll need to amass a substantial $150 to withdraw your earnings.

ColorLink provides a selection of eight platforms for cashing out, including PayPal, AliPay, Worldpay, and more.


Is ColorLink Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t!

Unfortunately, ColorLink does not pay out a single dime.

It’s nothing more than another deceptive cash game, toying with people’s hopes and wasting their precious time.

For those persistent players who manage to accumulate $150 and attempt to cash out, a cruel twist awaits.

They are prompted to enter their account details, only to be blindsided by a hidden requirement.

ColorLink suddenly demands 30 stars within 7-days to approve the order.

This process is painstakingly slow, primarily because you need to watch 30 advertisements.

Many players, unwilling to let go of the promised rewards, embark on the arduous journey to gather those stars.

However, when they finally meet this requirement, ColorLink places them in a fictitious queue of over 9000 people. 

It’s an elaborate ruse to give the impression that you’re on the verge of receiving your hard-earned money.

Yet, the unfortunate reality is that the cash rewards are entirely fake.

To make matters worse, content creators on platforms like YouTube perpetuate false hope instead of exposing the truth.

They claim they will wait to see if ColorLink will indeed pay them.

However, seasoned reviewers of fake cash games should know that these games NEVER live up to their promises.




ColorLink entices players with quick and effortless earnings, but it’s nothing more than an illusion.

Beneath its colorful surface lies a predatory model that exploits players’ time and aspirations.

The developers profit from ad revenue, while players earn nothing

If you value your time and dignity, steer clear of ColorLink!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my ColorLink review!

If you’ve tried the game or have any insights to share, I’d love to hear from you.


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