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Coin Winner App Review – Legit or Fake? Can It Pay Your Rent?

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Welcome to my Coin Winner app review!

Imagine playing a coin-sorting game on your phone and making thousands of dollars! Sounds like a dream come true, right?

No financial risk, just pure fun and big bucks rolling into your PayPal.

These sorts of claims always come from flashy ads promising the world.

I discovered Coin Winner through one of those – you know the type.

The one with the slick, well-dressed guy is raking in digital coins, guaranteeing instant PayPal cashouts.

They even go as far as promising $1000 if you are forced to watch ads! Needless to say, my inner skeptic went on high alert.

Coin Winner is an Android game with over 50,000 downloads. It lures players in with the prospect of easy money.

Naturally, I was intrigued but also very suspicious. Does this free little game pay out, or is it just another well-crafted illusion?

Is the Coin Winner app legit or fake?

Well, today we’ll find out – let’s dive in and expose the truth behind Coin Winner!

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  • Name: Coin Winner
  • Developer: Winwin game
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: $300
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: Fake 


What is Coin Winner? 


Coin Winner is an Android coin-sorting game in which the goal is to place coins of the same color together in the same coin dispenser.

This game is identical to Coin Cash, a deceptive app I’ve previously exposed in another blog post.

It’s like a water-sort puzzle, only instead of liquids, you’re organizing coins.

By matching and sorting the coins, they disappear, and you supposedly get incredible cash rewards – often exceeding £20!

So, your cash balance grows suspiciously fast!

The game boasts over 50,000 installs but is still an early-access game.

Therefore, there are no reviews on the Play Store, as this classification doesn’t allow users to comment.

Early access allows developers to collect feedback and make changes before the official launch.

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However, deceptive games usually use this tactic to avoid backlash when users eventually find out they can’t make real money.


How Does it Work?


First things first, Coin Winner is free and available worldwide, which might seem like a great deal.

But hold up, folks – you need to know something before diving in headfirst.

I snooped around on the Play Store and discovered that Coin Winner doesn’t encrypt your data.

To make matters worse, you cannot ask them to delete your data.

That’s a serious cause for concern because it goes against data regulations in many countries!

Without proper data protection measures, cybercriminals could collect and use sensitive data for shady purposes.

For instance, they sell your data or even use your account to scam others.

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It’s a frightening thought. So, think twice before deciding to download and play Coin Winner.



It’s pretty straightforward – you’ve got a board with 15 compartments, and your mission is to sort the coins by color.

coin winner gameplay

Just drag and drop them into the suitable compartments until each one has only one color.

When you fill-up a coin dispenser, you’ll score some cash rewards.

If you get stuck and can’t make any more moves, no worries!

Tap the “Deal” button, spend ten tokens, and voila – more random coins to keep you going.

Additionally, you can even drop 100 tokens to open up more compartments if you need extra space.

After you conquer the levels, you’ll rack up more cash rewards.

But of course, here comes the advert!

The game will often tempt you with a compelling “Claim rewards” button, urging you to watch an ad to collect your hard-earned cash.

Be aware that most ads promote sketchy “get-rich-quick” schemes that promise unbelievable amounts of money.

You might see flashy images of people holding stacks of cash or living a high life, claiming you can achieve the same results by playing their game.

Please don’t fall for it!


Lucky Draw

At the bottom left corner is a Lucky Draw icon displaying enticing prizes such as a PS5, Amazon gift cards, a gold bar, and a top-of-the-line laptop.

You can spin a wheel to collect puzzle pieces for these items by tapping on this icon.

Coin Winner implies that accumulating enough pieces will allow you to claim the prize.


Withdrawing Funds

You’ll need to accumulate at least $300 to cash out from Coin Winner.

Once you’ve reached this minimum, tap the withdraw button at the top of the screen.

You’ll be presented with popular payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa, and Mastercard.


Is Coin Winer Legit? Does it Pay? 


Nope, it doesn’t! This game preys on users’ hopes and wastes their precious time.

Despite all the enticing promises of cash prizes and luxurious items, Coin Winner doesn’t actually pay out any of these rewards to its users.

So, all the money and prizes are entirely fake.

Even if you meet the requirements, they won’t transfer a single cent to your account.

Playing Coin Winner is a losing game, but not in the sense that you’ll be losing money.

Instead, you’ll sacrifice your valuable time and mental sanity by watching many ads.

The developer is profiting from this plot through an ad network that accepts those atrocious ads.

As you progress through the game, you’ll notice that the cash rewards start to diminish, becoming smaller and smaller with each level.

This is a deliberate tactic to make you spend significant time trying to reach the $300 withdrawal threshold.

The more time you spend playing, the more ads you’ll be forced to watch, which will line the developer’s pockets while leaving you with nothing.

But after reaching the $300 target, Coin Winner will hit you with another requirement.

You’ll be told that you need to complete more levels before you can withdraw your supposed earnings.

It’s a blatant bait-and-switch strategy designed to keep you playing.

And if you somehow manage to complete those 50 levels?

Buckle up because the Coin Winner will likely throw even more video requirements and obstacles your way.




Don’t fall for the flashy graphics, enticing prizes, and fake cash prizes.

The only winner here is the developer, who’s laughing all the way to the bank full of ad revenue!

So, my advice? Stay far from Coin Winner and any other app that seems too good to be true.

Value your time and energy, and don’t let these deceitful games take advantage of you.

Spread the word and help protect others from falling victim to these fake cash games.


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Final Words

That’s all for my Coin Winner review! I hope it helped you understand what the game is all really about.

Have you tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments to help others make informed decisions.


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