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CashDay App Review – Does it Pay Every 3 Hours?

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit our Affiliate Disclosure.

Welcome to my CashDay review!

Imagine playing fun games on your phone and getting paid every 3 hours!

That’s the alluring promise of CashDay, an Android application that claims you can turn leisure into profit.

This isn’t just any game app; it’s a potential money-making journey, and you’re invited to join the ride.

The buzz started with a compelling advert—a girl sharing her drastic financial turnaround.

She starts by showing her account balance shooting from a disheartening -$93 to an impressive $214.

cashday advert
Cashday advert

What’s her secret? According to her, it’s all about engaging with CashDay.

The app promises to reward users with real money simply for enjoying various games.

And the best part? They claim to pay out every 3 hours without a minimum cash-out amount.

It’s an enticing offer that speaks directly to the dream of easy money.

But as you might suspect, this story sounds eerily familiar.

CashDay’s narrative and strategy closely mirror another popular app, JustPlay, suggesting a trend in how these apps attract potential users.

best money app

With bold claims and big numbers thrown around, it’s natural to wonder: Can CashDay genuinely deliver, or is it just another fleeting app fantasy?

In this review, I will uncover the truth and reveal whether CashDay is legit or fake.

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CashDay Review


  • Name: CashDay
  • Developer: Rewarded Gaming
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $0.01
  • Overall Rating: 4.5 star
  • Download CashDay here! 


What is CashDay?


CashDay is a rewards app designed for Android users, offering an easy way to earn money by playing games.

Without the need for registration, CashDay connects users with a platform called Adjoe.

By completing app offers from inside the Adjoe platform, users collect coins for every minute they spend playing.

The company advertises that users can transfer the money to their PayPal account every 3 hours.

freecash banner

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Besides, there is supposedly no minimum requirement for cashing out.

However, users may find there is actually a requirement, although minimal.

In addition to earning through playtime, CashDay offers a multi-tier referral program, incentivizing users to invite friends for additional earnings.

I will explain everything later on in the following section.

Operated by Rewarded Gaming, CashDay presents a straightforward interface that has achieved over 10,000 installations.

Despite its popularity, it’s notable that there are still no reviews on the Play Store.


How Does CashDay Work? 


Global Access and User-Friendly Interface

CashDay is available globally through the Play Store, and you can jump straight into the action.

No registration is needed to access this platform, which is a bummer.

Download Freecash App 3

That’s because you’ll likely lose all your earnings if you need to uninstall the app or change your phone.

Despite the promotional claim that there is no minimum to cash out, this isn’t entirely true.

You’ll need at least 330 coins to cash out even a penny.

There are various other amounts you can withdraw up to $10.

>> Join CashDay Here! 


Earn $0.01 Straight Away! 

One peculiar thing I experienced with this app is that it deposits a penny into your PayPal account when you open it and enter your email.

I checked my PayPal, and the payment was indeed made instantly.

I was impressed but at the same skeptical. That’s because some app developers use this strategy to gain user’s trust.

The reward system is based on coins and your time using the apps.


Collecting Coins

To start earning, hit the “Earn Money” button at the center of the screen.

CashDay will direct you to the Adjoe platform, a popular hub for advertising.

But first, you’ll need to select CashDay from the list of apps and allow usage tracking.

Doing this enables the app to identify which apps you’ve installed on your phone and how long you’re using them.

This is necessary for the company to reward you with coins based on your app usage time.

On the Adjoe platform, you’ll find a catalog of offers, including games, virtual stores, social media, and more.

adjoe platform

Each option shows how many coins you’ll earn per minute and the total you can earn from each offer.

Clicking “More” will reveal what you must do to earn those coins.

Each offer has different requirements; generally, the coin rewards decrease the more you use the app.

For example, in Doomsday, they offer 635 coins for the first minute of the game.

But then they will pay 682 for two minutes of play. As you can see, the reward fell by half.

Then, the reward keeps getting smaller, and you realize you must complete another offer to earn more for your time.

The first offer I decided to complete was the Alibaba app.

I installed the app, used it for two minutes, and earned enough to withdraw five cents. Again, it was done instantly.

CashDay was the most efficient reward app I have ever used for payment.

I was so pleased that I continued with the offers.

Then I downloaded the game Lords Mobile and started earning more coins.

And again, I managed to make a withdrawal of another 5 cents.

Here is the proof… the payment was made in the name of Individual Entrepreneur.

PayPal payment proof


CashDay’s Referral Program

Now, let me explain about the affiliate program. In the “Invite” section, you should click Invite and share your link on social media.

You can also ask your friends to scan the QR code.

Here’s the sweet part: You can earn up to 30% commission.

Let’s say you convince your friend Leo to sign up. Every time Leo earns some coins, you get a 15% cut. Not bad, right?

But wait, it gets better. If Leo is a social butterfly and brings in his friend Alex, you’ll also start earning from Alex’s activity!

You’ll get 15% from Leo’s earnings and 10% from whatever Alex makes.

And then Alex invites Tom. You will earn 15% from Leo, 10% from Alex, and 5% from Tom.

invite friends Cashday

As you can see, it’s a multi-tier affiliate system that is quite lucrative.


How Do You Cash Out? 

Cashing out from CashDay is notably swift and straightforward, especially with its low payout threshold.

Starting at just 330 coins, you can convert your in-app earnings to $0.01 and immediately withdraw it to your PayPal account.

But that’s just the beginning; you can accumulate and cash out up to $10, maximizing the value of your coins.

The more you decide to cash out, the better the value.

Opting for a $10 cash-out can double the value of 1000 coins from $0.03 to $0.06.

It’s an intelligent system that rewards patience and prolonged engagement with the app.

With PayPal as the sole and secure transaction method, cashing out is efficient and trustworthy.


How Much Money Can You Earn With CashDay? 


The amount of money you can earn with CashDay really hinges on a few key factors.

Firstly, it depends mostly on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to playing games.

The more you play, the more you stand to earn. However, it’s important to note that the earning rate diminishes over time; the more you play a particular game, the less you’ll make from it.

Another crucial factor is the availability of offers on the adjoe platform, where CashDay fetches its game offerings.

For instance, while testing the app today, there were only three offers available.

Although the platform is regularly updated with new offers, the limited selection at any given time constrains your earning potential.

With the current three offers, you could accumulate over 110,000 coins, roughly equivalent to about $5.

But achieving this would require many hours of gameplay!




Wrapping up, CashDay has its ups and downs, but overall, it leans towards the positive.

Let’s clear up some claims: you can cash out anytime you want, not just every 3 hours.

However, the promise of no minimum cash out isn’t entirely true; there is a small requirement of 330 coins. B

But given the quick payment and low threshold, this seems like a minor hiccup.

One limitation is that CashDay only partners with Adjoe, which means sometimes you might run out of offers.

This can be a bit frustrating if you’re looking to earn regularly.

If you aim for higher earnings, you might want to look at Freecash.

Users there are making over $100 a month, not just through games but also surveys and other high-paying offers.

It’s definitely worth checking out, and you can learn more about it in our Freecash review.


Final Words

Thanks for reading my CashDay review!

I hope you found it informative and that it helps you navigate this app with a bit more insight.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the app. Please feel free to share your honest opinions in the comments.

How much money have you made with CashDay? Your stories not only add to the conversation but also help others make informed decisions.


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