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Brave Tower Collection Review – Earn £1000 For Stacking?

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Welcome to my Brave Tower Collection review!

Are you intrigued by the prospect of earning real money by playing a simple block-stacking game?

Brave Tower Collection might seem like an easy way to turn your gaming skills into cash, promising actual pounds through HSBC or Amazon gift cards.

But before you get too excited, it’s essential to look at the reality behind these claims.

The game itself is simple: stack all the objects that are available and boom! You complete the level and earn a generous cash prize!

The graphics are basic, and the gameplay is straightforward. But the real hook is the prospect of withdrawing real money.

However, you need to accumulate £1000, which is not as easy as it seems.

The game requires you to play extensively and watch countless adverts!

This raises a red flag: is the game about entertainment, or is it just a way to get you to watch adverts and boost the developers’ revenue?

Your time is precious. “Brave Tower Collection” offers the allure of money, but is it legit or fake?

Read my review to find out!

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Brave Tower Collection Review


  • Name: Brave Tower Collection
  • Developer: Minis Game
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: £1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Brave Tower Collection? 


Brave Tower Collection is a game that combines strategic gameplay with the allure of earning real money.

This Android game is free to play and challenges you to build a tower by stacking differently shaped pieces.

The key is to keep building your tower higher without letting any pieces fall into the water.

This task requires some precious, but it’s not too difficult!

Now, you might be drawn to Brave Tower Collection not just for its gameplay but also for its promise of real cash rewards.

The game tempts you with the possibility of earning at least £1000! 

However, there’s a crucial aspect you should be aware of: Brave Tower Collection is still in early access.

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Being in early access means the game is still being tested and fine-tuned.

For you, as a player, this has a significant implication – the developer currently doesn’t allow you to publish reviews.

This restriction is a major drawback. Why? Because it leaves you without any reliable opinions or experiences from other players, particularly regarding the reality of those cash rewards.


How Does Brave Tower Collection Work? 


Brave Tower Collection is drawing in thousands from across the world with its alluring prospect of easy money.

However, beneath its viral appeal lies a deeply concerning issue: the app’s complete disregard for data encryption.

This isn’t just a small technical glitch or a forgivable oversight; it’s a gaping hole in your digital safety.

Without encryption, your personal information is left exposed and defenseless.

Imagine your most sensitive details like your name, address, and even bank information floating around unprotected on the internet.

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It’s indeed a goldmine for cybercriminals!

The risks are immediate and frighteningly real.

Identity theft could become a harsh reality, where criminals could impersonate you, wreaking havoc in your life.

Your personal details could be traded on the dark web, a notorious marketplace for stolen data.

Or, you could become another victim of a major data breach. Learn important information to protect your data! 


How to Play 

The gameplay itself is simple and engaging.

Brave Tower Collection throws you straight into the action as soon as you launch the game.

Your task is to tap, swipe, and release to stack various shaped objects.

But be careful – if a piece falls into the water, you lose.

Each level requires a precise number of objects to be stacked, and depending on their shape, they can bounce and slip.

Brave Tower Collection gameplay

As you complete levels, the game promises cash rewards.

The first two levels offer unrealistically high amounts, like £600, added to your HSBC or Amazon balance.

As you progress, the game prompts you to watch adverts to earn up to £60 per level.

There’s also a ‘gift’ section where spinning a wheel gives you puzzle pieces, supposedly leading to big-ticket items like PS5s, iPhones, and MacBooks once you collect 50 pieces.


How to Withdraw Funds

You need to accumulate a minimum of £1000 to be able to cash out.

Then, the game entices you to enter sensitive information – your bank account number for HSBC withdrawals or your email for Amazon gift cards.

This is where you need to be extremely cautious because the app doesn’t encrypt your data.

By entering your personal details, you’re potentially exposing yourself to hackers and fraudsters.


Is Brave Tower Collection Legit? Does it Pay?

Here’s the hard truth you need to know: the cash balance you see in the game is just an illusion.

In other words, it has no real-world value!

The cash-out page claiming to transfer funds to your account is a blatant lie.

The prospect of reaching £1000 is designed to keep you watching ads, and jumping through endless hoops that lead nowhere.

As you achieve higher level, it becomes more challenging – but you will always be offered cash rewards even while you are stacking.

That means you will be constantly interrupted by advertisements.

But guess what? Even if you reach the £1000 requirement, you won’t get paid! 

But it doesn’t end there. These developers, ravenous for more advertising revenue, might try to trick you further.

They could add more hoops for you to jump through – maybe completing additional levels or watching a quota of videos.

But no matter what you do, that £1000 will remain just a number on the screen, never making its way to your bank account.

It’s an all-too-common tale in the world of cash games: a developer sets up an attractive facade, then watches the ad dollars roll in while you are left holding an empty bag.



Brave Tower Collection offers an engaging gameplay, but it’s mainly an advertisement trap.

Think of it as a sophisticated machine that exploits your time and possibly your data for the benefit of its creators.

So, my advice? Steer clear of this game at all costs!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Brave Tower Collection review!

I hope it has provided valuable insights and helped you make an informed decision about the game.

If you’ve played Brave Tower Collection, please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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