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Block Blast Review – Does it Pay $100+? The Truth Revealed!

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Welcome to my Block Blast review!

I am sure you’ve heard of Block Blast, the viral sensation sweeping through the Play Store like wildfire.

Over 500,000 people have installed this application because of the tantalizing prospect of winning cash rewards.

Indeed, the chance to win actual money while immersing yourself in a puzzle experience is captivating.

But as this game gains viral momentum, you’re likely asking yourself a crucial question:

In a world rife with get-rich-quick schemes, it’s only natural to approach such claims with skepticism.

So, is Block Blast legit, or is it just another fake cash game designed to exploit your time? Does it pay or not?

Join us as we explore its gameplay and expose whether those virtual dollars can translate into real money in your pockets.

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Block Blast Review


  • Name: Block Blast
  • Eligibility: JSJ Games
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $100
  • Overall Rating: 0


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What is Block Blast?


Block Blast touts itself as a classic block puzzle game with overly generous cash rewards for players.

This addictive tech is free to play, so players won’t risk losing money.

The gameplay is straightforward: you drag and drop blocks to fill rows or columns, strategically eliminating blocks as you go.

You can collect a substantial cash prize with every successful row or column completion.

It’s worth mentioning that Block Blast is currently in early access, which, in theory, means it’s under development.

This status also means you won’t see any reviews on the Play Store as they are disabled.

This status restricts players from sharing their experiences with the game. So, it’s hard to know whether it lives up to its claims.


How Does Block Blast Work? 


Block Blast is accessible to gamers across the globe and doesn’t require registration.

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However, a closer look at its Play Store page reveals a potential red flag: the app explicitly states that it doesn’t encrypt your data.

This poses a significant risk of data theft, leaving players vulnerable to cybercriminals.

The consequences can be severe, ranging from unauthorized account openings, loans taken out in your name and various other crimes.

I strongly recommend installing a reputable VPN on your device to safeguard your data while enjoying Block Blast.



Block Blast offers a unique twist on the classic block puzzle genre.

To get started, tap the “Start” button and immerse yourself in a 9×9 grid.

The objective is to select and drag blocks onto the grid to eliminate blocks by filling rows or columns.

block blast gameplay

It works much like the Tetris-style gameplay you might be familiar with.

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However, Block Blast introduces different mechanics, manually placing the block wherever you find space in the grid.

After successfully eliminating blocks, you’re rewarded with a cash prize ranging up to $10.

To claim your reward, you’ll need to tap the “Claim” button and watch an advertisement to collect the total amount.

If you’d rather skip the video, you can opt for the “Half” reward, but be prepared to watch an advert anyway.

To boost your earnings, Block Blast offers additional opportunities to earn cash.

You can play scratch-off games or complete missions within the game.

As you continue to play Block Blast, you’ll also accumulate coins, which can supposedly be redeemed for cash.


How do you withdraw the money?

You’ll need to reach a balance of $100 or 2 million coins ($100 equivalent) to cash out.

But there’s another requirement in place – you must eliminate blocks at least 20 times to be eligible.

This ensures that players are actively engaged in the game and not solely focused on cashing out.


Is Block Blast Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Block Blast ultimately falls short of its advertised claims.

You will quickly realize the rewards decrease dramatically as you advance through the game.

What may have started with a tempting $10 offer becomes a meager payout of just a few cents per task.

This stark drop in rewards is not a coincidence; it’s a deliberate strategy to keep players watching an excessive number of advertisements.

The frustrating experience doesn’t end there. Block Blast also exposes you to misleading adverts from other dubious cash games.

Even if you accumulate enough currency to meet the minimum cashout requirement of $100, the game may add additional tasks.

For instance, you might be asked to watch an outrageous number of videos to “activate” your payout.

Or you may find yourself stuck in a fictional queue with thousands of others, waiting indefinitely for a payment that will never come.

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It becomes clear that Block Blast is another fake cash game preying on your time.

The app is structured to optimize ad exposure, pushing players into a cycle of diminishing rewards and elusive payouts.

The primary goal here is the financial gain of the developers rather than delivering on the advertised cash rewards.

Coupled with potential data security issues, Block Blast is definitely off the table.


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Final Words

Thank you for diving into my Block Blast review!

If you’ve played the game and want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments section below.


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