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BitCoin Connect Review – Fake? Bursting the Illusion of Easy Crypto

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Welcome to my BitCoin Connect review!

I recently discovered a mobile game called BitCoin Connect while exploring another money game.

This game is completely free, so you won’t have to spend any of your hard-earned money!

As you enter the magical world of BitCoin Connect, where connecting colorful bubbles could lead to substantial Bitcoin rewards, potentially up to US$1000 worth of BTC.

However, be wary, fellow gamers, for even though it’s free, the game demands a far more precious resource—your time!

You’ll need to invest hours of gameplay and endure a marathon of advertisements to cash out.

So, the big question is: is it legit or just another fake cash game? Will you actually get paid, or is it a complete waste of time? 

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BitCon Connect Review


  • Name: BitCoin Connect
  • Developer: Jia22
  • Price: Free to play 
  • Payout threshold: 0.025 BTC
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is BitCoin Connect?


BitCoin Connect is a mobile game where your mission is to eliminate bubbles by connecting identical ones— the same crypto symbol. 

The game is developed by Jia22, the same developer who operates other popular money games like Bubble Connect and Bubble Garden.

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As you strategically pop Bitcoin and coin bubbles, you accumulate BTC and tokens, which, according to the developer, can be converted into real crypto. 

With various withdrawal options like BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, and more, it seems almost too good to be true.

And let’s not forget the elusive iPhone 14, which you can win by collecting enough puzzle pieces and watching a ton of videos. 

BitCoin Connect is available for Android and has been installed over 100k times. Its popularity certainly comes from the idea that financial freedom is just a few taps away! 


How Does BitCoin Connect Work? 


BitCoin Connect is free on the Play Store; no registration is required to start playing. So you can dive right into the action! 

The homepage is a bustling hub of advertisements and lists several mini-games you can play inside the app.

Notice that round progress bar on the right side? It springs to life with BTC and token rewards when it completes a full circle.

Claiming those shiny prizes doesn’t require playing games, but you’ll have to endure a sponsored video. After all, adverts are the primary income source for the app developer. 

Now, let’s venture into the heart of BitCoin Connect, which can be opened by tapping the middle tab.

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In this vibrant game, your task is to slide and connect at least three identical bubbles close to each other. 

BitCoin Connect gameplay

Some bubbles feature the iconic BTC logo, while others display a simple star coin. Burst an adjacent bubble, and these special bubbles will pop, releasing their rewards.

As expected, claiming your prize requires watching an advertisement.

Bitcoin bubbles provide you with BTC, while coin bubbles yield tokens that can be exchanged for $1000 worth of cryptocurrency. There are six options: BTC, BNB, DOGE, ETH, SHIB, and XRP.

You’ll need to meet the target by blasting a specific number of bubbles to conquer a level. Upon completing a level, you can choose one gift box to flip and win more virtual dollars or diamonds.

Each card flip is accompanied by an advert, which you must watch to unveil the prize. So flip four cards, and collect iPhone 14 Pro puzzles.


How to Redeem Prizes? 

You can withdraw your Bitcoin balance once it reaches 0.025 BTC.

Amass 980k diamonds, and you can trade them for $1000 worth of crypto to your wallet. 

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And if you’re craving more, BitCoin Connect dangles the iPhone 14 Pro as an irresistible prize, provided you collect 100 puzzles and watch 200 videos. 

Can you imagine how long that’ll take? 


Is BitCoin Connect Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, not a single dime! Crypto rewards are an elaborate illusion developer uses to hook unsuspecting players.

By offering the prospect of easy BTC, people are lured into spending hours glued to their screens, watching commercials in hopes of withdrawing their “earnings.”

This manipulative strategy is no stranger to the world of money games. 

Initially, BitCoin Connect showers you with decent prizes of $40 worth of crypto, giving you the false impression that reaching the payout threshold will be a breeze.

However, the closer you get to 0.025 BTC, the smaller your rewards become. When your balance exceeds 0.024 BTC, your cash rewards dwindle to pennies on the dollar

The frustration is palpable, as you have no clue how many more videos you’ll need to watch to claim that elusive cash prize.

After an hour or two, you’ll learn you must watch 40 videos to activate the order! Again, it’s a lame excuse to keep you playing for no payoff.

This clever tactic preys on players’ desires for easy money, exploiting their hopes and dreams.

It’s a highly effective, albeit deceitful, approach to lure users and profit from their engagement.




At first glance, BitCoin Connect might seem like a captivating and potentially rewarding game.

With its eye-catching graphics and attractive cryptocurrency prizes, it’s no wonder you might spend hours on end connecting bubbles.

Unfortunately, the cash rewards are completely fake! 

It’s crucial to remain cautious of games that prey on our cravings for instant and effortless riches. 

Therefore, I suggest sidestepping BitCoin Connect and its hollow promises. Instead, channel your time and energy into more fulfilling and rewarding pursuits, such as building your own online business. 

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Final Words

I appreciate you reading my BitCoin Connect review, and I sincerely hope it’s been a time-saver for you.

Please, share any questions or feedback in the comments section below.


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