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Balls World Review – Merging For Fake Cash!

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Welcome to my Balls World review!

Thousands of people have been lured by the prospect of earning real money with the game called Balls World.

You might have stumbled upon this casual Android game through a tempting advertisement, just like I did.

The video features a girl sipping coffee with the enticing message, “Do you have these three things?

  • Make money from home?
  • Have a side job?
  • Earn $300 an hour?

The advert then continues by showing her alleged earnings totaling over $122,000 for the year.

It even claims that you can cash out through PayPal or Cash App by playing for just two hours a day.

Then enters the supposed general manager of the game, stating that they are currently recruiting 20,000 game testers.

The guys guarantee each player will get $10,000 in earnings.

He goes on to mention a fixed $20 reward for each level, suggesting that you can easily make over $800.

It might sound like a fairy tale, and many people tend to download the game without conducting thorough research.

But you’re here seeking reliable information because you don’t want to waste your precious time.

So, here is the burning question: Is Balls World legit or fake?

Does it really pay out as promised? Keep reading to find out the truth about this enticing opportunity.

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Balls World


  • Name: Balls World
  • Developer: Mercedin Technology
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $300
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Balls World


Balls World is an Android game that’s available for free and offers players a challenging and addictive gaming experience.

In this game, the primary objective is to swipe and aim as you combine identical balls with the same number.

When you merge them, they will transform into a larger ball with double the number on it.

With each merge, you have the chance to collect generous cash rewards that accumulate in your cash balance.

The prospect of earning money while having fun looks fantastic!

However, the game allows you to withdraw your earnings only after hitting the payout threshold.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the game is still in early access.

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This means that players do not have the right to publish reviews and warn others about their experiences.


Balls World Work? 


Balls World is a game that’s available worldwide, catering to a wide audience, including players as young as three years old (Pegi 3).

This age rating is quite concerning, considering that the game is enticing players with the prospect of earning money.

Younger users might not fully understand the implications and risks associated with this kind of game.

Furthermore, the addictive nature of mobile games can be particularly harmful to younger players.

The allure of earning money, even if it’s in a game, can create a high likelihood of believing the promises and claims made within the game.

Another crucial concern is the collection of user data. Balls World, like many other apps, collects data from its users.

What makes this alarming is that you cannot delete the data collected from your device.

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This could break the rules in different countries because it takes away your right to keep your personal info private and in your control.


The Gameplay

The core mechanic is very simple and involves merging balls with the same number.

Let’s dive into more details:

You start with balls with a single-digit number, such as 2 or 4.

To progress, you need to aim and drop the ball to hit another one with the same number.

For example, merging two balls with the number 8 will unlock a ball with the number 16.

The resulting balls are always larger in number and size than the previous ones.

The challenge lies in keeping the balls merging without letting them hit the ceiling.

The game’s physics and mechanics make it progressively harder, testing your accuracy.

You complete a level after unlocking the colorful ball number 2048.

One aspect that raises eyebrows is the initial reward of $66 after merging the first ball.

This seems highly unrealistic and serves as a strong bait to lure players in.

Additionally, the fact that you don’t have to register to sign up means you could reinstall the game several times to benefit from this initial bonus.


How Do You Cash Out? 

The developers have crafted a multi tier cash out system.

Initially, all you have to do is collect the minimum of $150.

However, the amount you can withdraw depends on your leven in the Balls World game.

There is a table with all the exchange rates:

  • 1 – 29 : earn 50%
  • 30 – 29: earn 100%
  • 40 – onwards: earn 200%

You can choose from three payment platforms: PayPal, Amazon and MasterCard.

Next, press the Full Withdrawal button, enter you account info and follow the prompts to cash out.


Is Balls World Legit? Does it Pay? 

The truth about Balls World is quite stark and disappointing.

The game does not pay out even a single percent, let alone the extravagant 200% returns it leads you to believe.

The minimum conditions for withdrawal are seemingly set to give players hope of seeing money in their PayPal accounts, but it’s all lies.

The cash rewards within the game are entirely fake, designed to create a false sense of earning potential.

Instead of delivering on its promises, the game is more likely to make you jump through various hoops.

Ou may have to complete additional levels or watch an exorbitant number of videos to proceed.

That will keep you engaged for extended periods while the developer profits from your time.

It’s a deceptive tactic that can lead to big disappointment and frustration.

In light of this, I strongly advise you to stay away from Balls World and never enter your personal details in the withdraw page.



Balls World is a classic example of an advertising trap, enticing players with unrealistic earnings and then failing to deliver.

Learn how to spot them in this in-depth article. 

The allure of easy money can be strong, but it’s important to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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