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Animals Pop Fun Review – Does She Really Make $500 Per Day?

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Welcome to my Animals Pop Fun review!

I recently stumbled upon this puzzle game that has already been installed over 100k times on the Play Store.

It claims to offer an addictive pop puzzle experience where you tap icons of the same color to eliminate them and progress through the levels. Sounds familiar, right?

But here’s where things take an exciting turn.

Supposedly, Animals Pop Fun lets you earn real cash redeemable via PayPal.

They assert you don’t need to make any in-app purchases.

When I saw an advert featuring a woman joyfully dancing with her kid, claiming to make $500 per day, I almost choked on my morning coffee. 

Animals Pop Fun advert

The “too good to be true” alarm bells in my head were ringing louder than a fire truck siren.

So, naturally, I asked the same questions as you might be right now.

Is Animals Pop Fun legit or fake? Can you make money by playing this game, or is it just another cruel illusion to mislead unsuspecting players?

This review will explore the gameplay, rewards system, and, most importantly, whether this game lives up to its unrealistic claims.

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Animals Pop Fun Review


  • Name: Animals Pop Fun
  • Developer: Chris Puzzle Studio
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: free
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Animals Pop Fun? 


Animals Pop Fun is an easy-to-play elimination game you can download on any Android device.

The game presents you with a vibrant screen full of little animals.

Your task? Tap on clusters of three or more matching animals to eliminate them. 

Wipe every single animal off the board, and voila! You’ve aced the level – pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

As you tap and clear, you’re supposedly earning cash rewards that add up to your game balance.

But here’s where Animals Pop Fun distinguishes itself from other cash games: the payout for each level is less than 2 cents.

Now, you may be scratching your head, thinking back to the woman in the advert proclaiming $15,000 per month.

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The math doesn’t quite add up, does it? Is it all an elaborate farce?

Stick with me as we lift the curtain and explore what’s happening behind the scenes.


How Does Animals Pop Fun Work? 


Animals Pop Fun was developed using Unity, a rockstar platform for developing mobile games.

It’s a free Android game that doesn’t even require sign-ups to start playing and collecting rewards. 

You dive right into the fun with no hassle! 

Here’s how it rolls: You’re greeted with a screen filled with 100 adorable animals.

You have to tap a group of three or more identical icons, making them vanish.

Animals Pop Fun gameplay

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Clear the whole board of 100 animals, and boom! You’ve beaten the level, and now see a window with a tempting cash reward.

The amount could be a decent $12 or $14, accompanied by a very enticing “Claim” button.

Naturally, you’d be eager to tap that claim button and claim your well-deserved reward.

But here comes the catch!

Tapping the claim button will trigger an advertisement, most likely promoting one of those “get-rich-quick” apps.

You’ll have to endure watching the entire video to collect your money, or so you think.

However, instead of receiving the displayed amount, you’ll be presented with some coins and their equivalent in US dollars.

Brace yourself because these coins amount to less than a penny. Yes, you read that right—mere fractions of a cent!

You’ll then be faced with a fork in the road – a “Double” button and a claim link.

You could take a chance, watch another advert, and double your tiny treasure. Or tap ‘Claim’ and add that tiny reward to your growing stash.

So, your $0.004 would turn into a whopping $0.008! 

Exciting, isn’t it? 

If you’re yearning for more coins, there’s another way to earn them. Behold the turntable!

You’ll have to sit through yet another advertisement before you can spin the turntable and potentially win fantastic prizes like the elusive iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, iWatch 7, and more. 


How to withdraw your funds

Simply tap the withdraw button at the top of the screen, and you’ll find a range of withdrawal options from as little as $0.5 to as much as $200. 

So, despite the minimum to cash out being just $0.50, achieving this small target might be more challenging than you’d initially think. 

That’s because you get fractions of a cent after each level! 

Imagine how many videos you’d watch to gather that 50-cent reward! 


Is Animals Pop Fun Legit? Does it Pay? 


After digging around the Play Store, it seems players have a mixed bag of experiences with Animals Pop Fun.

Some players are waving red flags, claiming they never saw a penny of their cash rewards.

Meanwhile, others say they managed to pull out the minimum amount through Lazada, a popular payment processor in South East Asia.

The developers might target players in South East Asia, where it’s cheaper to shell out rewards.

Plus, it serves another purpose – sprinkle the Play Store with a few more five-star reviews.

So, while there’s a chance you might be able to pocket the minimum cashout of $0.50 or its equivalent in your currency, don’t expect to earn more than that! 

Remember that compelling advert saying you would get $200 if you played for 2 hours?

Well, it seems like that claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s a catchy bait, nothing more than hollow words designed to reel you in with false hopes.

Unfortunately, that’s a common trick many developers pull to lure in players looking to make quick cash. 

And how about the other prizes like the iPhone 14? Well, I am pretty sure earning any of them is impossible! 




Animals Pop Fun is nothing more than a pit of disappointment and a colossal waste of time.

The game’s mechanics might be fun, but the less-than-honest advertising and discouraging earnings make it a no-go for me. 

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Animals Pop Fun review! I hope it was helpful! 

Do you have any personal experiences or thoughts to share about this app? We’re all ears and would love to hear from you in the comment box below!


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