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Ancient Cards: 2048 Review – Does it Really Pay in the End?

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Welcome to my Ancient Cards: 2048 review!

Today, I’m diving into the world of Ancient Cards: 2048, another 2048 merge card game promising riches!

So, how did I stumble upon this gem of a game?

It all started with an intriguing advert with a  woman promising the chance to win real money.

At the end of the advert, she reiterated that it really pays in the end!

Yet, we’ve all been lured by get-rich-quick offers online.

And with so many fake money games cluttering the Play Store, it’s hard to believe a single word this lady was saying.

But why are so many people clicking that video and blindly downloading Ancient Cards: 2048 without reading reviews?

The allure of easy money for sure!

As seasoned app users, we know words are just words, and trust needs to be earned.

So, here comes the million-dollar question: Is Ancient Cards: 2048 legit or just another fake cash game? Does it deliver on its promises of easy earnings?

Stay tuned for the verdict, and let’s uncover the truth together!

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Ancient Cards: 2048 Review


  • Name: Ancient Cards: 2048
  • Advertiser: Moondrop
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Ancient Cards: 2048?


Ancient Cards: 2048 is a free retro card game available for Android!

Your task is strategically placing cards of the same number together to merge them.

As two identical cards unite, they transform into a higher number card, following the sequence: 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on.

If you’re a fan of challenging puzzle games, you’re likely familiar with this concept in various forms.

Similar titles like Golden 2048 and Christmas Card 2048 went viral in the past and attracted thousands of players worldwide!

That’s because these games advertise massive cash rewards worth thousands of dollars.

Indeed, Ancient Cards: 2048 spices up the gameplay by offering virtual dollars adorned with the PayPal or Amazon logo.

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Players must tap the button and watch sponsored videos to collect them. So, clearly, the developer is making profits by exposing players to an endless stream of adverts.


How Does Ancient Cards: 2048 Work? 


Ancient Cards: 2048 is available for our fellow Android users across the globe and has an age limit of 12 and up.

Now hold on a second. Isn’t it concerning that we’re exposing our young ones to a game with real-world monetary elements?

As a parent or guardian, it’s certainly something you should be worried about because it can be very addictive!

There’s another hiccup I’d like to bring to your attention. The lack of data encryption on the app is a big red flag.

Folks, nowadays, using an app without proper encryption is like opening the door to cyber opportunists.

And trust me, they won’t just walk in and take a peek; they’ll throw the wildest party with your personal data and won’t even clean up after!


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How to Play

To play Ancient Cards: 2048, you’ll move cards between columns, strategically merging two identical cards to create higher numbers.

For instance, combining two cards numbered 4 will result in a number 8 card.

The key to success lies in placing lower number cards in front of higher number cards, setting up cascading effects.

ancient cards 2048 gameplay


The ultimate goal is to unlock higher number cards while avoiding any card crossing the lower boundary.

But don’t worry if you slip up; you can restart or continue from where you left off by watching a video.

As you merge cards, you’ll encounter special cards adorned with the PayPal or Amazon logo, enticing you with cash rewards.

Tapping the “receive” button and watching a video lets you claim these rewards.

The Amazon logo cards offer even more substantial prizes of over one thousand dollars!


Amazon Discount Mall


The game features an intriguing section called the Amazon Discount Mall, unlocked once you withdraw any amount.

You’ll find sought-after gadgets with a 50% discount, including iPhone 14, MacBook Air, Galaxy S22, and more.

However, be cautious—purchasing items requires a coupon for £1.49.

Alternatively, you can purchase the VIP membership for £9.49 per week, which offers various benefits such as shopping without coupons, ad removal, free shipping, and an enticing $200 PayPal reward.


How to Cash out

Cashing out in Ancient Cards: 2048 is simple.

Unlike many reward apps, there’s no payout threshold; the developer claims to transfer your money after 24 hours.

However, they promise to pay you immediately once you reach $1000. Of

But for Amazon gift cards, you need a minimum of $10,000.


Is Ancient Cards: 2048 Legit? Does it Pay? 


Beware! Ancient Cards: 2048 is nothing but a fake cash game!

It preys on players, luring them with false promises of real money while profiting from advertisements.

Players invest their time merging cards for hours, but the game refuses to pay a single dime!

The truth is they have no intention of rewarding players. Instead, they exploit your time to maximize profits without offering genuine rewards.

While I was playing, the game froze and showed a word tip on the screen. Other people reported the same issue!

Even if you manage to reach the cashout requirement, don’t be fooled.

They will impose additional requirements, making you watch a specific number of videos without ever paying out.

It’s a bait-and-switch tactic to trap players in an endless loop of video-watching, benefiting only the developer.

Save yourself the disappointment and frustration, and steer clear of this sneaky game!


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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my Ancient Cards: 2048 review!

If you want to share your thoughts on this app, I’d love to hear from you.

Your insights are highly appreciated!



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