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Upjoy Origami Hub Review – Free Robux or Disappointment?

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Welcome to my Upjoy Origami Hub review!

Does Upjoy Origami Hub offer a creative way to earn Robux, or is it crafting false hopes?

This mobile game combines the cool Japanese art of folding paper with the chance to earn Robux, the money used in Roblox.

It sounds fantastic: just tap and fold to make beautiful pictures and get free Robux.

The game has been downloaded a million times because of this promise.

You can supposedly get over 10,000 Robux without spending any real money.

That’s a lot, and it’s got everyone’s attention.

But can you trust it? Is Upjoy Origami Hub actually a smart way to get Robux, or is it too good to be true?

We’re going straight to the point to see if this game is legit or just another letdown!

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Upjoy Origami Hub Review


  • Name: Upjoy Origami Hub
  • Developer: 林俊鹏
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: 10,000 Robux
  • Overall Rating: 0


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What is Upjoy Origami Hub?


Upjoy Origami Hub is a mobile game where you can play with origami, the art of folding paper.

It has endless levels where you tap and fold to solve puzzles and unlock cool images.

The big deal about this game is it promises to give you free Robux, the money used in another game called Roblox.

But, there’s a big but: you must earn 10,000 Robux before redeeming them.

To earn Robux in the game, you are presented with numerous adverts.

You are even incentivized to watch these videos to earn more Robux.

Even though over a million people have downloaded Upjoy Origami Hub, it’s still listed as an “Early Access” game, which is odd.

If the game gave out valuable Robux, the makers would want everyone talking about it and leaving good reviews on the Play Store.

This makes you wonder if everything is as good as it sounds or if there’s something they’re not telling us.


How Does Upjoy Origami Hub Work?

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Upjoy Origami Hub offers a free game that is available worldwide.

What’s great about it is you don’t need to sign up or create an account, so you can start playing it immediately after downloading the app.

Right off the bat, the game asks you to agree to its Privacy Policy and pick your favorite game to earn currency for—either Roblox or Stumble Guys.

The game starts by giving you a welcome bonus of 2,000 Robux.

It sets you on a mission to accumulate as much Robux as you can, with the ultimate goal of reaching 10,000 Robux to claim your earnings.

Next, the developer assures you that the Robux will be transferred directly into your account via the official Roblox platform.


How to Play

The gameplay is engaging and simple: by tapping the screen, you fold virtual paper to reveal an image, much like solving a puzzle.

Completing the image means completing the level and earning Robux.

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For those looking to maximize their rewards, there’s an option to double the Robux by tapping a “receive 2x” button, which, in turn, plays an advertisement.

This ad-viewing mechanism is how the developers generate revenue from the app.

Moreover, you can tap on the Roblox logo located on the screen’s right side, which will also prompt a commercial.

It’s important to know that many of these videos promote other games that supposedly reward users with either cash or game currency.

I have already featured some of them on this blog, such as Galaxy Star Tree.


How to Redeem Robux

It’s a straightforward process requiring just these few steps.

To redeem Robux from Upjoy Origami Hub, you must first collect 10,000 Robux by playing the game.

Once you hit that target, enter your Roblox ID as prompted.

Unfortunately, reaching 10,000 Robux is not the only hoop you must jump through. Let’s find out why!


Is Upjoy Origami Hub Legit? Does it Reward Players?


The truth about Upjoy Origami Hub is disappointing for anyone hoping to earn real Robux.

You won’t receive any game currency in your Roblox account because the reward system is entirely fake. 

It’s a trap, cleverly designed to make you watch countless ads, thereby increasing the developers’ earnings at your expense.

Redeeming 10,000 Robux is surprisingly quick, giving a fleeting moment of excitement upon redemption.

However, this excitement is short-lived.

After entering your Roblox ID, the app introduces a new requirement: watching ten videos to “activate” your order.

This demand is nonsensical and serves no purpose but to make you watch more adverts.

Curiosity might push you to comply with this requirement, hoping that you’d finally get your Robux after these ten videos.

But the disappointment continues. Completing the video views leads to yet another excuse.

The game congratulates you on “successfully activating your order” and then immediately sets another condition.

“Watch 15 more videos for the system to issue your Robux automatically.”

This cycle of false claims is designed to exploit your time for the developers’ financial gain.

They have no intention of transferring any Robux to your account.



Upjoy Origami Hub is fun for killing time and playing with digital origami puzzles, but don’t count on getting any real Robux from it.

The game’s rewards are not real, and there aren’t games out there that truly deliver.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Upjoy Origami Hub review! I hope this post was helpful!

If you have any questions or thoughts about this game, let me know in the comments.


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