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Push the Coin Review – Is it a Real Money-Making Game?

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Welcome to my Push the Coin review!

I have tumbled upon another mobile game that seems too good to be true.

It’s called “Push the Coin,” and it claims to transfer real money to players who reach £240!

Just imagine a digital coin pusher right at your fingertips, completely free to play and teeming with the potential to fill your pockets.

Sounds incredible, right?

I discovered this game through an eye-catching advert showing two girls.

One was playing “Push the Coin” on her phone and receiving PayPal notifications of $300, $600, and even $1000 earnings.

Her friend, bewildered and envious, asks the secret to her financial success. “I’m playing a real money-making game,” she claims.

Moreover, the advert claims no withdrawal limits or annoying adverts.

It’s the kind of offer that sets off alarm bells, especially for those familiar with the myriad of fake cash games out there.

So, what’s the real deal with “Push the Coin”? Is it a genuine goldmine or just another fake cash game? Let’s find out!

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Push the Coin Review


  • Name: Push the Coin
  • Developer: Ademi Y
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: £240
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Push the Coin?


Push the Coin is a straightforward mobile game. It’s based on those coin pusher machines you might have seen at arcades.

In the game, you simply tap your screen to drop coins.

As these coins land, a ‘dozer’ pushes them towards the front edge. When the coins fall off, you earn virtual cash rewards and tokens.

The game offers several features to boost earnings, like slots, scratch cards, and fever mode.

Besides, it features a wall to prevent coins from falling off the side and a shake option to nudge coins closer to the edge.

The game sets a goal to cash out real money: you need to accumulate either £240 in your cash balance or 3 million tokens, which equals £240.

Push the Coin is in early access mode, meaning players can’t leave reviews on the app store.


How Does Push the Coin Work? 

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Push the Coin is available worldwide for Android users, offering a captivating experience without the need for registration.

However, a significant concern arises regarding data privacy.machine

The app does not encrypt data, meaning any information you share could be vulnerable.

Encryption is a method to secure data by converting it into a code, mainly to prevent unauthorized access.

Without encryption, sensitive information like payment details is at risk of being intercepted or leaked.

If such data falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to severe issues like identity theft or financial fraud.


The Gameplay

You start off with 50 coins. The goal is to tap and drop these coins onto a platform, where a pusher mechanism moves them forward.

push the coin gameplay

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When green coins fall off the edge, they translate into cash based on their stamped value (e.g., a coin marked 100 might give you £0.24).

Yellow coins, on the other hand, earn you tokens.

Additionally, the game includes features like a slot machine and scratch cards, which can potentially increase your cash rewards.

However,  to claim these rewards, you must watch advertisements.

This is a classic model in free apps – while you’re earning virtual cash, the developers are earning real money from advertisers.

And yes, expect to be bombarded with misleading adverts!


Withdrawing Funds

To withdraw the money, you must reach a balance of either £240 or accumulate 3 million tokens.

Payment options include PayPal, PayTm, Tez, Coinbase, Cash App, and Banco Inter.

But here’s where caution is crucial. Given the app’s lack of data encryption, entering your payment details to cash out carries a substantial risk.

I strongly advise against sharing sensitive financial information with the app.

Remember, no reward is worth compromising your personal and financial security.


Is Push The Coin Legit? Does it Pay? 


Push the Coin presents itself as a lucrative opportunity, but the stark reality is that it doesn’t pay out.

The game creates an illusion of abundance and easy earnings in the initial stages.

Coins seem plentiful, and the cash rewards for watching videos appear generous.

This design entices players, leading them to accumulate cash quickly, often surpassing £200 with relative ease.

However, this is where the game’s deceptive nature becomes apparent.

As you progress, the availability of green coins that contribute to actual cash earnings dwindles significantly.

The slots and scratch cards, initially frequent sources of income, become scarce.

The game shifts, focusing predominantly on yellow coins, contributing only to token accumulation.

This change in dynamics is a clear indicator that the developer is manipulating the gameplay experience.

The token collection aspect is equally misleading.

While you can gather tokens, the threshold to cash them out is a staggering 3 million, a target that seems almost unattainable.

This high requirement suggests that it could take an unreasonable amount of time to reach if it’s even possible at all.

The harsh truth is that even if you somehow manage to meet these lofty requirements, it’s all for naught.

The cash rewards are nothing more than a facade.

In reality, the developer profits from the app through the advertisements, while the players are left with empty pockets.




Push The Coin is another fake cash game you want to avoid at all costs.

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Final Words

Thanks for sticking around and reading my Push the Coin review! I hope it’s been an enlightening read for you.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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