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Mega Bingo Review – Is it Legit? Is The Jackpot a Big Lie?

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Welcome to my Mega Bingo app review!

Imagine you’re playing a mobile game when you stumble upon a video that promises to solve all your money problems.

A young woman in her car looks utterly miserable. “Short on cash?” the screen proclaims.

Download Mega Bingo now and win up to $500 instantly!”

Suddenly, the video cuts to the woman, grinning ear to ear while flashing a fat stack of cash.

Apparently, playing Bingo on your phone is the secret to financial freedom.

It sounds too good to be true because not even magnificent companies can afford to pay this level of cash prizes.

As the ad continues, you cannot help but feel that this is one of those fishy “get rich quick” schemes.

So, can you really make hundreds of dollars just by tapping on a virtual bingo card?

Is Mega Bingo a legitimate app or another deceitful one designed to make you watch a never-ending stream of ads?

Let’s find out!

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Mega Bingo Review


  • Name: Mega Bingo
  • Developer: Hong Kong FeiFire Technology
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: $500
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 0 star


What is Mega Bingo?


Mega Bingo is an Android game available on the Galaxy Store, developed by Hong Kong FeiFire Technology.

The game offers a simple and classic Bingo experience.

You just have to complete lines or patterns on the scorecard, just like in traditional Bingo.

As you successfully daub numbers and complete lines, you earn cash and coin rewards within the game.

Mega Bingo entices players with the prospect of exchanging these virtual rewards for real money via PayPal, Visa, Amazon, or Steam gift cards.

However, there’s a catch – to claim these rewards, you must watch advertisements, which are then added to your balance.

Mega Bingo makes outrageous claims about the amount of money players can earn.

That’s why many people are skeptical and searching for answers before investing more time.

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How Does it Work? 


Mega Bingo is a free-to-play game that’s only available on the Galaxy Store.

It promises players an entertaining Bingo experience with the tantalizing prospect of earning real cash prizes.

To dive into the world of Mega Bingo, simply tap the “Play Now” button.


How to Play? 

The rules are simple: each round presents you with a scorecard featuring 25 randomly generated numbers.

As the numbers are called out, your goal is to tap the corresponding numbers on your scorecard.

The excitement builds as you discover that some numbers come with a special bonus – a coin or cash symbol.

Daubing these numbers rewards you with a burst of virtual currency, but there’s a catch.

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To claim your prize and add it to your balance, you must tap the “Take It” button.

Here’s where things get interesting. After tapping “Take It,” the game will trigger an advertisement that you must watch to secure your reward.

This clever monetization strategy allows the developer to generate revenue from the app.

You will start making $15 in the early stages, which feels too good to be true!

The game builds excitement as you complete lines on your scorecard in any direction.

Each successful line results in a satisfying “Bingo!” and grants you an entry into the next drawing.

The game boasts a jaw-dropping prize pool of over 300 million dollars for these drawings.

How a free app with a relatively modest user base could possibly afford to give away such an astronomical sum?

The skepticism grows as we investigate further.

When you go to the “Tickets” section of the game, you will see a button that displays the odds of winning the grand prize.

Brace yourself for a shock: after collecting your first ticket, you’ll discover that your chances of hitting the jackpot are a minuscule 0.0065%.

To put this into perspective, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to win big in Mega Bingo.


Withdrawing Funds

Mega Bingo claims you can cash out your winnings once you’ve collected $500. 

Alternatively, you can aim to collect 0.98 million coins, which the game claims can be redeemed for a $500 gift card from popular retailers like Amazon, Visa, or Steam.


Is Mega Bingo Legit? Does it Pay? 


Here is the Truth Behind the “Cash Prizes”

Mega Bingo, like many similar games, lures you in with promises of easy wins.

It’s free to play, and the goal seems simple: match called numbers, earn virtual coins and cash, then cash out once you hit $500 (or collect 0.98 million coins).

But here’s the catch:

Those cash rewards are designed to make you watch endless advertisements.

Every time you want to claim a reward, you must view an ad.

This is how the developer actually makes money.

At first, the rewards might seem generous – even starting at $15! But this is a tactic to get you hooked.

Over time, rewards get smaller and smaller. That $15 becomes $13, then less… You’ll be forced to watch countless ads to even approach the cash-out goal.

Even if you somehow endure, you likely won’t get paid.

The developer might invent new requirements, delay payment, or simply ignore you.

Their business model simply can’t support the huge prizes they advertise.

Bottom Line: It’s a Time Trap

Mega Bingo might be mildly entertaining if you genuinely love bingo. But don’t fall for the “easy money” scheme. 

The developer profits from your time watching ads, and you will not receive a single cent in return.

Don’t be fooled – Mega Bingo isn’t unique. Lots of bingo apps use the same tricks to get you to watch ads without ever paying out real money.

I’ve tested several similar apps, and none of them actually pay out. Bingo Nights is a good example! 


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Mega Bingo review! I hope this post was helpful and saved you time!

Please share your thoughts and personal experience with this game so that others can make informed decisions.


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