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Foap App Review – Creators Struggle to Make Money!

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foap app reviewIf you love taking pictures, the Foap app can help you turn this hobby into some extra cash.

With the Foap app, you can sell your smartphone or camera pictures to brands all over the world.

It seems like a great opportunity not only for professional photographers but also for anyone without any experience.

But is Foap a legit app? Does it actually pay? And if so, is it easy to sell your photos?

Read this review as I am going to explain exactly how Foap works and give you my honest opinion about it.

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Foap App Review

  • Name: Foap
  • Website:
  • Company: Foap AB
  • Strategy: Sell your photos
  • Price: Free (in-app purchases range from $4.99 to $11.99)
  • Similar apps: Snapwire, PhotoCash
  • Overall Rating: 4.4/5


What is the Foap App?

Foap is a mobile application that allows you to upload pictures and videos that can be purchased by agencies, brands, and individuals.

The app has become extremely popular, especially after it was featured on ABC News in 2014. Here is the video that I found on Youtube:

Now in 2020, Foap has reached the mark of over 2.9 million creators, and the community continues to grow!

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With the Foap app, You can create a portfolio with as many pictures and videos as you want.

Then, whenever a photo or video is sold, Foap will share half of the profit with you.

In addition to uploading pictures and videos, you can also participate in missions for Brands that need a specific type of content.


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent pay rates and rewards.
  • It’s available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Cash out via Paypal.
  • Selling photos through Foap is a great way to earn passive income.
  • There are premium missions where you can earn at least $300!
  • You can upload as many photos as you want.
  • You can see the pictures of other creators, including winners.



  • It can be hard to sell photos when you are competing with thousands of professional photographers with top-notch cameras. Nevertheless, I have seen normal and not so profession photos in the “sold” section. So, it’s possible for anyone to sell on Foap.
  • You must get Foap Coins to unlock premium missions.


Installation and Registration

Foap app is available for iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can install it on Google Play or App Store, respectively.

Once you install the app, you can sign up for free using your email or Facebook account

You can use the app to upload pictures and participate in picture missions. However, you can only join video missions through their website

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Getting Started

The first thing I recommend you to do is confirm your email (if you sign up using your email) and connect your PayPal account in Settings > Cash out settings.

Then, you should complete your profile by taping “me”. I mean, the tab “me”… 🙂

me tab

By uploading a profile picture and giving more details about yourself, you will gain more trust among buyers.

Next, you can tap “manage photos”, or the “+” button to start uploading pictures to your portfolio.

plus button


Earning Money With Foap

There are 4 ways to make money with Foap:


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1. Simply Add Photos to Your Portfolio

Add as many photos as you want and don’t forget to caption and tag each one of them appropriately.

Tags are essential as they identify your pictures to buyers when they are doing searches. So, use as many related tags as possible to increase your chances.

If someone or some company wants to buy your photo, you will get 50% of its selling price.

Individual photos for sale at Foap usually costs $10, so you will get $5 per photo, which is not bad at all!


2. Complete Missions

You can increase your chances of selling your photos and earning great rewards by uploading pictures to missions.

Foap is continually releasing new missions that require amazing photos that meet specific requirements.

Next, I present some types of photos from different missions that are currently available:

  • Self-employed professional.
  • Couples and families enjoying moments together.
  • Packing Christmas presents.
  • Preparing snacks for Santa.
  • Winter activities outdoors.

To complete a mission, you should read the description and submit pictures that meet all the requirements.

Some missions are very demanding and therefore, may take a bit of prep work.

For example,

There is a maximum number of photos that they will select for each mission.

You will get $5 for each photo that costs $10, or $30 for exclusive photos that cost $60.

By the way, they also select the best photo to win a nice prize of $100, $200, $500 or more!


3. Premium Missions

Every month, the Foap app launches at least 2 premium missions that pay anywhere from $300 up to $1000.

However, you need to purchase Foap coins in order to unlock these high-paying missions.

The price of Foap coins  is as follows:

  • 100 Foap Coins (access to 1 mission) – $4.99
  • 300 Foap Coins (access to 3 mission) – $6.99
  • 500 Foap Coins (access to 5 missions) – 11.99
  • 1000 Foap Coins (Access to 10 missions) – 19,99

price of foap coins

Alternatively, you can earn coins by watching 30-second video ads, which will generate revenue for the company.

For every Video Ad you watch, you get 5 Foap Coins.

Keep in mind that most of the premium missions require 100 coins, so you will need to watch 20 ads to apply.

You can watch as many ads as you want, but in order to get credited, make sure you watch the whole video.


4. Photo Recommendation

Another interesting way of earning money with Foap is by adding photos of other members to your profile.

If a buyer finds the photo through your album, you will get $0.25, which works as a small commission.


5. Uploading Videos

Some missions require a video instead of photos, and as I mentioned, you can only upload through the website.

As of writing this review, there was only 1 video mission available. The company wanted a 10-15 min video of you saying how annoying ads are when listening to music.



Foap app is not only a place to sell your photos. It’s also a community where you can follow other photographers and have a look at their portfolio.

foap community

Tap “explore” to browse all the bestselling photographers and their pictures.

Also, you can find all the amazing pictures taken by the winners of each mission in the Winners tab.

Take this opportunity to learn from experienced photographers and improve your skills.


How Difficult Is It to Sell Your Photos?

This is a tricky question because it depends on many factors including the number of photos you have and your skills.

Unfortunately, you will compete with over 3 million creators, many of whom are very talented.

Therefore, not only you have to take mind-blowing shots but you also have to be very lucky!

While reading lots of reviews on Google Play, I found many people who were upset because they hadn’t sold any picture.

negative review about the Foap app

negative review about the Foap app 2

In my opinion, it’s crucial that you put yourself in the shoes of buyers and understand what they really want.

Think of how you can innovate on a particular theme and stand out from the crowd. If you do exactly what others are doing, you will probably not see meaningful results.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible!


Final Thoughts

Foap is not only legit but a great app you can use to sell your photos and earn passive income.

However, you may not earn a consistent income due to strong competition.

The main problem is that you will compete with experienced photographers who have the edge against amateurs.

It’s so competitive that you can struggle to make money even if you are a professional.

If you are not a photographer, you should not rely on the Foap app to make money online.

My Advice?

Upload your best pictures and apply for missions whenever you can! But don’t set high expectations or you can become frustrated with the results.

If you want to earn a substantial income from home, I highly recommend a different approach, which I will explain in more detail below.


My No.1 Strategy to Make Money Online

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to create an alternative source of income.

With affiliate marketing, your job is to attract an audience through your website and promote other people’s products.

You don’t need to handle inventory nor deal with customer service!

I have been using this business model for 5 years and earn a consistent $1,600 per month.

It took me 1 year to start making some great commissions as it’s not one of those “get rich quick” schemes.

Therefore, it’s important to mention that it takes a lot of time and effort, especially in the beginning.

After creating lots of content though, it’s possible to start making passive income, which is the result of all your previous work.

I can go on holiday for over 1 month and still make money! How cool is that?

In 2015, I discovered an excellent training program that showed precisely how to build and grow this type of business.

If you are interested, I recommend you check out my full review of this program here.


Final Words

Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my Foap app review. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment box below.

All the best


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