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Coin Star Slot Review – Does it Pay $1000 By Tapping SPIN?

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Welcome to my Coin Star Slot review!

You are scrolling through your phone, looking for a way to make some quick cash.

Suddenly, an ad catches your eye: Coin Star Slot, a game that promises to let you win real money without spending a dime.

The ad shows people just like you, celebrating as they rake in $200 while lounging on their couch or taking a stroll in the park.

I came across Coin Star Slot through one of these ads but didn’t believe the hype.

The idea of making so much money while playing a game on my phone seems too good to be true.

So, is Coin Star Slot legit? Will they actually pay out the winnings, or is this just another scam that lines someone else’s pockets?

You need to know because even if you’re not spending money on Coin Star Slot, you’re still investing something just as valuable – your time.

Every minute you spend spinning those virtual reels is a minute you could be using to do something more productive, meaningful, or enjoyable.

So, keep reading as we uncover the truth!

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Coin Star Slot Review 


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  • Name: Coin Star Slot
  • Developer: Luzhou Lansheng Electronics Co Ltd
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Coin Star Stot?


Coin Star Slot is a free Android slot machine app that claims to reward players with real money.

You must tap the spin button to rotate the reels and match three symbols to earn cash units and coins.

The app also offers the chance to win an iPhone 15 and other wonderful gadgets.

Coin Star Slot is available on the Galaxy store but has no user reviews.

This is a significant warning sign. Before using any app that promises prizes, it’s vital to see what others are saying.

Are people getting paid? If you find many complaints, it’s probably not worth installing the app.

How Does it Work?


Coin Star Slot is a free-to-play game available worldwide on Android devices.

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When you first start playing, you’re given ten free spins. You then get a new free spin every 1:30 minutes.

The gameplay is simple – tap the spin button to trigger the 3-reel slot machine.

If you match three symbols, you can win coins or green currency, depending on the symbol, such as the Jackpot or Lottery Rush.

Coin Star Slot gameplay

Coin Star Slot also features mini-games like the Wheel Bonus and scratchcards, which can help you accumulate more rewards.

However, you’ll be enticed to tap the “Collect” button to multiply your winnings by 2 or 10 times.

The catch? Doing so will activate an advert that you must watch until the end.

This is how the developer makes money – by having players watch ads.


Faster Earnings

If you want to accumulate green currency more quickly, you can tap the Game icon on the left side of the screen to access a list of mini-games within the app.

However, the primary way to earn green currency is to tap the cash icon on the right side and watch adverts.

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You can multiply your reward by ten if you tap the button and watch the ad.

Of course, most people will be tempted to do this, as it seems like an easy way to make a lot of money.


iPhone 15 and Other Prizes

In addition to cash rewards and gift cards, Coin Star Slot offers the chance to win an iPhone 15.

Every time you watch a video, you collect wonder cards.

Although the instructions are not explicit, the images suggest that you need to collect 30 different wonder cards to access the iPhone 15 symbol and win the prize.

There’s also a lucky draw section where you can supposedly enter to win a MacBook Pro, Apple iPad, Apple Watch, and other prizes.

To increase your chances of winning, you must collect tickets by staying online in the app for 20 minutes or watching ten ads.

You can then allocate your tickets to the prize of your choice – the more tickets you enter, the higher your probability of winning.

Of course, these promises of big rewards and valuable prizes are designed to keep users engaged with the app and watching as many ads as possible.


Withdrawing Funds

To actually withdraw your winnings, you need to meet certain minimum requirements.

For green currency, you must collect at least 10,000 units to cash out a whopping $1000 via PayPal, Cash App, or Amazon.

You need 9.8 million coins to withdraw $1000 via Visa, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, PlayStation, or Xbox gift cards.

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Is Coin Star Slot Legit? Does it Pay? 


Coin Star Slot doesn’t reward users at all.

The promised cash, gift cards, and prizes are a mere façade intended to keep users watching ads and generating revenue for developers.

The game might seem generous when you first start playing, offering over 1,000 green currency units for watching an ad.

But as you continue, you’ll notice the rewards steadily decreasing, even if you keep tapping that “Collect” button and sitting through countless ads.

This deliberate tactic keeps you engaged and hopeful, always chasing bigger payouts that never materialize.

Even if you somehow accumulate the $1,000 needed to cash out, don’t expect to see a penny of that money.

The developers will likely develop new tasks and requirements, stringing you along with more empty promises.

The truth is, Coin Star Slot is a fake cash game like thousands of others! It exploits people’s time and trust, providing no real value in return.

While you waste hours watching ads and chasing fake rewards, the developer makes a real profit from your time and attention.




I strongly discourage anyone from playing Coin Star Slot or similar money-making games.

These apps are designed to bombard you with advertisements without any real compensation.

If you’ve already downloaded Coin Star Slot, I urge you to uninstall it immediately and avoid falling victim to its deceptive tactics.

Instead, if you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn rewards online, I recommend checking out my Freecash review.

Freecash is a reputable reward app that offers many opportunities to earn money, with some offers worth over $100.

You can accumulate real cash rewards by completing simple tasks like downloading apps and reaching specific milestones in games.

Best of all, Freecash allows you to easily withdraw your earnings via PayPal, gift cards, or cryptocurrency.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Coin Star Slot review! I hope it was eye-opening!

If you want to share your experiences, please comment below! Your voice must be heard.


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