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Bounty Hunter App Review – Treasure Hunt or Time Trap?

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Welcome to my Bounty Hunter review!

Have you ever scrolled through the Play Store looking for ways to earn some extra cash?

That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Bounty Hunter, an app promising rewards for simple actions.

I am talking about trying new apps, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, and even inviting friends.

When choosing reward apps, I prioritize those with abundant opportunities, reliability, and a wide range of cash-out options.

So, is Bounty Hunter a decent option among the many money-making apps available? Is it legit or a scam?

This in-depth review will dissect Bounty Hunter, revealing everything you need to know.

We’ll explore how the app works, the tasks you’ll be doing, income potential, and its legitimacy.

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Bounty Hunter Review


  • Name: Bounty Hunter
  • Developer: Bounty Hunter Inc.
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: £3
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 4 stars


What is Bounty Hunter?


best money app

Bounty Hunter is a free reward platform packed into a convenient app.

It lets you earn coins by completing simple tasks like trying new apps, playing games, taking surveys, inviting friends, and more!

These coins can be exchanged for popular gift cards, PayPal Credit, Prepaid Visa, and Mastercard.

With a super-low cashout requirement of just £3, it’s easy to start reaping the rewards.

Plus, Bounty Hunter is a hit among users – it boasts over 100,000 installs on the Play Store and an impressive 4.6-star rating.


How Does Bounty Hunter Work? 


Free, Easy, and Worldwide

Bounty Hunter is free to download and available worldwide! Registration is a breeze—you can sign up quickly using your Google or Facebook account.

Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted by a user-friendly dashboard displaying all the available offers.


What Are Coins Worth?

Bounty Hunter uses a coin system, but how do those coins translate to real money?

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Based on their reward options, you can estimate that 4200 coins are worth USD 3.

Remember that this value might fluctuate slightly depending on your chosen withdrawal method.


Earning Your First Coins

Right off the bat, you can snag some easy coins!

Follow and share Bounty Hunter on social media, enter a referral code (if you have one), and check in daily.

That daily check-in, which takes just a tap, earns you ten coins daily – a nice little bonus for minimal effort.


Exploring Bounty Hunter’s Offers


These offer walls are gateways to tasks and opportunities provided by networks like Ayet Studios, OfferToro, Wannads, and Adscend.

Bounty Hunter dashboard

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Let’s break down what they offer:

  • App Downloads and Games: Try out new apps and games. Some offers require installation, while others might ask you to reach specific levels or complete in-game goals.
  • Surveys: Share your opinions and get rewarded with coins. Qualification questions help match you with suitable surveys.
  • Videos: Watch short videos or advertisements to earn a small number of coins.
  • Free Trials: Sign up for free trials of various services. If you don’t wish to continue the subscription, be sure to cancel before the trial ends.
  • Purchases: Some offers might involve making a small purchase to get a larger coin reward. Exercise caution with these and carefully evaluate the potential return.


Important to Remember


  • Offers Vary: The specific offers and tasks available on each offer wall can differ. Explore each one to find opportunities that suit your preferences.
  • Read Instructions: Read the offer instructions carefully to understand the requirements and potential rewards before starting.
  • Potential for High Payouts: While most offers provide smaller rewards, some tasks, especially those involving trials or purchases, might offer larger coin payouts.


Completing Surveys


In addition to offer walls, Bounty Hunter also features surveys from providers like InBrain Surveys, CPX Research, and PollFish. Here’s what you need to know:

Surveys offer the chance to share your opinions and earn coins. The process typically involves:

    • Profile Building: Completing your profile with basic demographic information helps match you with relevant surveys.
    • Qualification Questions: Most surveys start with a series of qualification questions to ensure you fit the target audience for that particular survey.
    • The Main Survey: If you qualify, you’ll be presented with the survey questions, which can involve multiple-choice, open-ended responses, or other formats.

Disqualifications are a normal part of taking surveys.

You might spend time answering qualification questions only to find out you aren’t a good fit.

While frustrating, this is how survey providers ensure they get quality data.

Be aware that most surveys pay less than $1 worth of coins.

The potential income is generally low, and longer surveys don’t always guarantee larger rewards.


Invite Friends


Bounty Hunter lets you earn even more by inviting friends to join the platform!

Tap the “Invite” section within the app to find your unique referral code.

Share this code with your friends, and when they enter it during registration, they’ll receive a bonus of 50 coins.

You’ll benefit, too! Each successful referral earns you 100 coins immediately, plus a 5% commission on all their future earnings.

This means you create a passive income stream by inviting friends to try out the app!


Cashing Out

Once you’ve accumulated a decent amount of coins, it’s time to reap the rewards!

Here’s how Bounty Hunter’s cash-out process works:

Within the Bounty Hunter app, navigate to the “Rewards” tab.

You’ll find many exciting options for redeeming your hard-earned coins here.

Choose from popular gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Argos, or Google Play, or opt for the flexibility of Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards.

Remember to select your country first, as available rewards and minimum cash-out requirements vary depending on your location.

Bounty Hunter boasts a low minimum cash-out threshold: just £3 for PayPal and £5 for most gift cards.


User Reviews – What Are People Saying? 


Opinions on Bounty Hunter are buzzing across the Play Store!

It’s a great place to get a sense of real user experiences with the app – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On the positive side, many users love the variety of ways to earn.

Whether it’s playing games, trying new apps, completing surveys, or watching videos, there’s usually something that catches their interest.

Successful cash-outs are a big draw, with many reviewers reporting receiving gift cards or PayPal payouts.

The fact that you can start cashing out with only £3 is also a plus for many.

However, there are challenges. The most common gripe is the unpredictable world of surveys.

Users often spend a significant chunk of time answering questions only to be disqualified midway through, which understandably leads to frustration.

Another issue is technical hiccups – offers incorrectly tracking, resulting in missed coins or the app occasionally crashing.

Also, earning potential is generally on the smaller side.

While most users don’t expect instant riches, the time and effort required for the rewards can feel disproportionate for some.

Overall, Bounty Hunter seems like a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of app.

If you go in with realistic expectations, it seems legitimate for those seeking small rewards.

Patience, trying different offers, and having some luck with surveys are all critical success factors.




Bounty Hunter offers a way to turn spare moments into small rewards potentially.

With many offers and surveys available, you will likely find ways to earn coins that fit your interests.

The app also boasts a low cash-out requirement, allowing you to start redeeming rewards quickly.

Plus, with a wide variety of cash-out options, such as gift cards and PayPal, you have flexibility in how you receive your earnings.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your goals and expectations.

If you want to make serious income, Bounty Hunter likely isn’t the answer.

But if you’re interested in casually earning little rewards with little effort, it could be worth exploring.

Just be prepared for the frequent survey disqualification, and remember, patience is key!


Level Up Your Earnings!


Bounty Hunter is decent, but if you want faster payouts, even more ways to earn, and the flexibility of cashing out via Bitcoin, Freecash is a must-try.

I’ve already cashed out over $100 with them – super reliable and 100% legit.


Final Words

I hope it helped you decide if this app is a good fit for earning extra rewards.

What are your thoughts on Bounty Hunter? Have you tried it yourself?

Leave a comment below and share your experiences!


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