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12 Emails That Will Make Your Subscribers Craving For More

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12 Email that will make your Subscribers craving for moreBuilding an email list is not an easy job. You need to create high-quality content on your blog in order to get traffic and subscribers to your list.

However, don’t think your job is done after people subscribe. In fact, it’s just beginning!

I am saying this because if you are planning to create successful email marketing campaigns, you will have to offer value on a consistent basis. Value is what will make them feel compelled to open your emails over and over again.

So, be consistent with your emails. Set aside some time every week to craft something that your list can benefit from.

Another critical aspect is diversification. People don’t want to get the same rehashed sales pitch with a link at the bottom directing to a new product.

You need to engage your list and make them curious to open your emails every time.

In this post, I would like to show you my TOP 12 email topics you can use to improve your email marketing campaigns considerably. 


1. Your Story

Telling your personal story is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in your future emails. When you speak about your victories and failures, frustration and moments of happiness, people can relate to all that, and you build trust and empathy.

When talking about a challenge that you had to face, try to look for the positive side of it and how you overcame the situation. Tell people that if you could do this, they can too!


2. Exclusive Content

People love exclusivity! So, when you set up your email marketing campaign, tell them that they will get premium content and that you will go the extra mile to help them.

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Make it clear the benefits of being part of your list.


3. A Gift Download

From time to time, you can provide useful cheat sheets, checklists, one-page guides and infographics for download. How would you feel getting free stuff to your inbox without asking anything in return?

Exactly! Your readers will feel grateful too and will look at your emails in a much positive way.


4. Repurposed Post

This strategy involves reusing part of the content from one of your blog posts. For example, let’s say you have an article that shows 10 tips to build an email list quickly. Give people the first 5 tips and encourage them to visit your blog to discover the other 5.

This is a great way to diversify your emails as well as get more visits to your blog.


5. Invitation to Your Recent Video

If you create videos, why not let people know about your most recent content on Youtube? Tell them what the video is all about and how they can benefit from it.

For example, you can create a video tutorial, a motivational video or a review. You can even combine tip number one and tell your story in front of the camera.

I receive weekly emails from an internet marketer who is very active on Youtube. So, he’s always urging his list to watch his new episodes, which I think is pretty cool.

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6. Weekly Blog Recap

If you create more than two articles per week, it’s a good idea to write a summary and provide the link to the blog posts.

Instead of a weekly recap, you can also send a monthly email with your top recommended or most popular articles.


7. Useful Apps and Tools

There is a tool for every niche and a niche for every tool. So, whatever niche you are into, you are probably using some tools that are making your life easier.

You can show people the tools you use and explain why you recommend them. Even if you are a product creator, you can become an affiliate with these products and make a commission when people buy through your link.


8. New Course or eBook Preview

Are you launching a new online course or an eBook? Give people a preview of what they can expect from it and how it can significantly benefit them. Don’t forget to avoid spam trigger words such as “fantastic deal,” “save up to,” “bargain,” “this won’t last,” etc.


9. Motivational or Funny Quote(s)

Everyone likes motivational and funny quotes.

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Always choose the ones that are relevant to your business, and try to complement them with a small text to place the quote into context.

Ask yourself this question: How people can apply the idea behind this quote into the problems they are trying to solve?


10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Another great way to help your subscribers is by answering the most frequent questions that you receive. Chances are many people have the same concerns and will benefit from your answers too.


11. Industry Trend or News

It’s good to keep track of trends and new developments that happen in your niche. If you discover something relevant, share the news with your audience and give your thoughts on the subject.

When you do that, you will send a strong signal to your subscribers that you are engaged within your niche, and that your content is always up-to-date.


12. Informational Articles Written By Another Author

It’s not only about what you can provide as a content creator. The internet is full of great ideas from other websites that your audience can benefit from.

Help them by sharing interesting and informational articles written by other bloggers, even if this means sending people to other people’s business.

Your subscribers will certainly trust you more because this is an indication you care about their success, whether they buy from you or not.


These are my TOP 12 content topics you can use in your email marketing campaigns. Start implementing them right away and check your open rates and conversions.

Many tips can help you to improve your email campaigns. Above all, you should keep your emails personal and extremely helpful. Be friendly and generous. Tell people they are not alone and that you understand their struggles.


So, do you send any of these emails to your subscribers? Which ones do you prefer?



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