Enzacta Review – Is it a Legit MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to my Enzata review!

You have probably discovered Enzata and the opportunity to become an independent business owner (IBO).

This multi-level company claims that you can make instant and long-term profits by operating your own home-based business.

By becoming an IBO, you can build your team and benefit from multi-tiered commissions.

At first glance, Enzata seems like an interesting and lucrative opportunity to finally quit your job and achieve the perfect work-life balance.

However, it’s crucial to understand how the business model works before embarking on any MLM journey.

The reason is that this industry is jam-packed with scams that will just waste your time and drain your wallet.

So, Enzata is legit or an illegal pyramid scheme? Can you make a lot of money or is it just a waste of time? Keep reading to find out!

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Enzacta Review


  • Company: Enzacta LLC
  • Website: enzacta.com
  • Founder: Russ Hall
  • Business: MLM in the health and wellness niche
  • Overall rating: 2/5


What is Enzacta?


Enzacta is a multilevel company that sells nutritional supplements and skincare products to residents in 13 countries.

The company was founded by Russ Hall in 2003, an executive with vast experience in the multilevel marketing industry.

Russ has implemented a unique business model known as Multidimensional Marketing (MDM). It combines the traditional multilevel marketing with other several income sources.


Enzacta Products


Enzacta offers the Alfa nutritional line and the ANDEW Skin Care line.


Alfa Nutritional Line


  • Longevity – Alfa XPX Royale: Supplement made of purple rice. It’s said to protect against free radicals and chronic illnesses.
  • Balance – Alfa XPX Forte: A blend of brown rice grown in Thailand. Promotes inner balance and overall wellbeing.
  • Nurture your pet – Alfa XPX Pet formula: this supplement for pets is made with rice and antioxidants.
  • Harmony – Alfa Yakunnaah: This product is a juice concentrate containing antioxidants and
  • herbal ingredients from açai berries, pears, and pomegranates. It’s said to reduce stress and offer mental wellbeing.
  • Strength – Alfa HFI: This supplement contains humic and fulvic acid which is supposed to improve the immune system and eliminate toxicity.
  • Hydration – Alfa Energy: This is a liquid formula designed to improve hydration, neutralize pH, and enhance the body’s performance.
  • Essential –  B12: B12 tables to help meet the daily intake requirements.

It’s important to mention that Enzacta’s statements are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that their supplements will prevent diseases or provide any health benefits.

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UNDEW Skin Care


  • Repair – Facial Serum: This is an innovative anti-glycation product that may reduce facial fatigue, wrinkles, and eye bags.
  • Revive – Peptide Toner: This product contains essential minerals and peptides that increase collagen, soothes the skin, and inhibit wrinkles.
  • Refresh – Facial Cleanser: A creamy cleanser with vitamins and antioxidants that will remove dirt and protect the skin against free radicals.


Enzacta Testimonials


I was browsing some of Enzacta’s products on Amazon and found lots of positive testimonials. However, some people don’t experience any results and find the products overpriced.

For example, the Alfa XPX Forte, which has 90 servings, costs a whopping $204.40! Remember, this product is basically made of a blend of brown rice!


Enzacta Business Opportunity


Enzacta claims to offer a lucrative compensation plan for their Independent Business Owners.

As an IBO, you will have the opportunity to buy products at wholesale prices and make profits from your direct sales.

Although you can make money by selling their products, the focus seems to be on recruiting and building a team.

Therefore, you will be encouraged to sponsor other people, who in turn, will be encouraged to do the same.

By recruiting other IBOs, you will build a downline and earn residual income from everyone below you.


How to Become an IBO?

To become an IBO and benefit from the generous compensation plan, you must contact an Enzacta IBO, who will refer you to the company.


If no one is recruiting you, get in touch with Enzacta’s support team and they find you a sponsor.

You will have to purchase a success kit and meet the requirements to remain an active IBO.


Active IBO

You have to reach the minimum monthly volume to maintain active status and qualify for commissions.

To stay an active IBO, you must place a monthly Autoship order of 80PV. Alternatively, you can earn at least 160PV via a combination of Retail, Personal and Autoship orders.

So, if you don’t make enough sales, you will have to place a minimum number of orders to stay in business.


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Enzacta Compensation Plan



The first thing I noticed regarding the Enzacta Business opportunity is the lack of transparency.

The website has no direct link for people who want to become a business representative, so I had to do a Google search to find the link.

This page has more details, but it’s not enough to explain the complex compensation structure.

Most legit MLM provides not only a compensation plan in pdf but also an income disclaimer statement. That’s not the case with Enzacta.

Dual-Team Commissions

You can qualify for Dual-Team Commissions by sponsoring two active IBOs. One will form your left team, and the other will form your right team.

If you sponsor additional IBOs, you can place them on either side of your sponsorship tree.

Commissions are paid down to unlimited levels as long as you maintain two active IBOs at all times.

According to Enzacta, dual-team commissions are processed in steps and cycles according to the following schedule:

commission schedule


Multidimensional Marketing Rewards (MDM)

Enzacta’s website claims that you can earn the following rewards:

  • Guaranteed Free product
  • Guaranteed Income Earnings
  • Bronze earnings:  Earn $2,000 USD
  • Silver earnings: Earn $2,000 USD
  • Gold earnings: Earn $3,000 USD

However, they don’t explain what are the terms and conditions to claim these rewards, which seem too good to be true. 

I don’t think any company can guarantee income to its independent contractors. So, that’s a big red flag for me!


Other rewards

In addition to retail profits and Dual-Team commissions, you will have the chance to earn Fast Start, Matching, and Luxury bonuses.


Is Enzacta Legit or a Pyramid Scheme? 


Lots of MLM companies are operating fraudulent pyramid schemes that only benefit those that joined in the early stages of the business. It’s important to avoid these companies because they pose a serious risk to your finances.

Enzacta has three key characteristics that resemble a pyramid scheme:

  1. The business opportunity seems to give emphasis on recruiting rather than selling the products. According to the company, building your team is the best way to grow your business.
  2. IBOs may have to purchase products to remain active, and therefore, eligible to earn commissions.
  3. It claims you can live your dream by earning a stable and long-term income.

Although you can make money just by selling the products, they will probably encourage you recruit and even buy inventory every month to qualify for commissions and bonuses.

Nevertheless, only the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) can tell you whether Enzacta is a pyramid after careful assessment.


Pros and Cons



  • Generous compensation plan. Earn up to 70%.
  • High-quality products.


  • The products are overpriced and difficult to sell.
  • Complicated compensation plan.
  • Distributors have to purchase a starter kit and meet monthly targets to remain active. Therefore, they may end up purchasing inventory that may not sell.
  • If the FTC rules that Enzacta is operating a pyramid scheme, your business may vanish overnight.





Just like most MLMs, Enzacta’s products are very expensive as a result of the generous compensation plan. After all, the price has to cover not only the manufacturing costs but also multi-tier commissions paid to distributors.

Therefore, it’s difficult to sell them, especially because people can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon and other sites.

I think it’s a risky and challenging business as they require that you reach specific targets.

If you don’t make enough sales, you will have to purchase inventory just so you can generate profits for the company and sponsor. It seems like a pyramid scheme to me!

If you don’t have any direct sales experience, I think it’s much better working 9-5 than operating this type of business.


Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my Enzacta review. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with Enzacta, use the comment box below.



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