1. Hi Riaz!Binary options is like coin tossing. We can never predict how the prices will behave and it is very risky. People should never rely on binary options for a steady source of income! As I have no experience with the markets, so if I wanted to gamble I would rather go to the casino an bet on the roulette.But honestly, I cannot afford to risk any money at the actual stage of my life. I prefer much more to focus my time and energy building a proper business inside wealthy affiliate. Thanks for your comment!

  2. A friend of mine has been talking quite a bit about possibly getting into Binary Options trading to make some extra money.

    I am honestly overwhelmed by binary options trading and I feel like my friend may end up losing money.

    He recently mentioned the program, The Real Dream Maker, and said that it has very positive reviews. He knows that I love researching things online. He told me to try and find some negative reviews on this program.

    I found a few, but yours is by far the most thorough. I can’t see how he would dispute the facts you have presented. I will pass your website on to him.

    1. Hi there. You are right to be worried about your friend. I always recommend people to look for a different opinion and reliable sources before making a decision. When it comes to binary options, tell your friend that there is no software that reduces the risks. Still, if he decides to take the risks in binary option, I strongly recommend that he look for regulated brokers as I mentioned in the article. In addition, try to encourage him to study the asset and the historic trends. Otherwise, it will be 100% gambling. If he wants a reliable online income tough, I highly encourage he tries internet marketing. He will create websites that will generate residual income 24/7 for years and years. Here is the review of my #1 training platform to learn and build websites.I hope that helps

  3. Great Topic!
    I have been skeptical about this self money making programs! Binary options are indeed a volatile high risk asset to invest in and they are not risk free!
    Self money making? Isn’t what we all want?
    Thanks a lot for sharing Stefan!

    1. Hi Tiago! Thanks a lot for your comment!

      The sales page says the risk is very low, actually near zero. But after you sign up, the first message shows us that binary options carries a high degree of risks.

      There is no self money making through speculative transactions. In my opinion, a true self money making using the internet is when you build a website to earn you commissions. Even though, it is not like 100% passive income from a rental property. In the beginning you have to work really hard and when you reach a relative success, you have to keep updating and writing content from time to time. After all, you are running a real business! Nevertheless, a business that gives you an amazing sense of freedom.

  4. Hi Stefan:

    Thank you for writing this article about the Real Dream Maker.

    I am not familiar with binary options and have heard of them but did not really understand them until your article. I can see from your article how binary options is a legitimate way of making money but we need to be careful how and where we pursue this option.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I feel WA is probably one of the few programs that is legitimate and they do not make false promises. You do have work hard if you want to make positive changes in your financial freedom.


    1. Hi Stephanie

      Trading in binary options is like gambling for the majority of people because it is extremely difficult to predict the market. Even people with years of experience lose a lot of money on that.
      So, in my opinion, it is better to go to the casino and tart betting smaller amounts because most Binary Option platforms will require $250 or more to start with.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an great platform to build a sustainable and long lasting business online. In my opinion, the most reliable way to make money online. I am glad you found them as well.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting here.

  5. Yes, these binary options software try to convince people their system has a high winning rate. In reality, no software can offer that. Trading in binary options is extremely risky, especially when you trade with a short expiry time and have no idea how the markets behave according to certain economic and political events.

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