Is Profit Squirrel a Scam? Can You Earn Risk-Free Money?

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Welcome to my Profit Squirrel review!

Profit Squirrel claims to have helped lots of people in the UK make thousands of pounds.

With a simple step-by-step process and a useful software, you can earn guaranteed profits. Or so they say!

Of course, you are probably skeptical and wondering if you will be the victim of another internet fraud.

I had never taken advantage of this strategy to make money online before.

So, I decided to follow the program and see what I could get from it on the first day.

You can find the results within my review below, where I will explain more about Profit Squirrel and give you my honest opinion.


Profit Squirrel Review


What is Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel is a platform that will teach you step-by-step the process of making money with matched betting.

As importantly, it will present you with a series of offers from UK bookmakers as well a matching software that will come up with the exact bets you need to make a profit.


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Profit Squirrel offers

It also comes with a useful profit tracker, a helpful community and more!

Created in 2015, Profit Squirrel is nicely built, intuitive, and user-friendly.

As a newbie, I could quickly start implementing the strategy after watching the video tutorial and made my first £8.32. (proof below)


Pros and Cons


  • Free trial available. The free tutorial will help you make your first profit.
  • Relatively quick and safe way to make money online.
  • Earn Tax-free profits.
  • You can recover the costs of your membership quickly.
  • Updated on a daily basis
  • Excellent reviews on Trustpilot.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Great customer service.


  • Bookmakers can eventually flag and ban your account.
  • It can become time-consuming after some time.


How Matched Betting Works?

Matching betting works by taking advantage of bonuses and free bets that bookmakers provide to new and existing customers.

It’s important to understand that matching betting is not gambling. That is because you will cover all the outcomes of an event and still qualify for the free offers. In other words, you win no matter what!

For example, on the first tutorial, you will learn how to take advantage of the £20 bonus offered by Coral to new customers who bet £5.



It’s quite simple. You will basically place 2 types of bets known as the “back bet” and the “lay bet.”

Using a football match between England and Brazil as an example, you will place a bet on the Coral website for England to win (back bet) and a bet on Betfair for England to lose (lay bet).

Great! You have created a match!

So, whatever the outcome, you won’t win or lose money with your matched bet. However, you will use your £20 bonus to make a profit on your next matched bet.

The great thing about this method is that you can take advantage of many offers as Profit Squirrel provides a huge list, which is updated continuously.

Many people have earned £1000s with matching betting, so there is no reason you can’t achieve the same results too.

Besides, thanks to Gordon Brown, betting taxes were abolished in 2001, so your profits with matched betting are entirely tax-free!


Proof that Profit Squirrel Works

I implemented the first offer precisely as explained, and the results you can find in the screenshots below:

coral profits
Coral profit
betfair profits
Betfair profit

As you can see, after betting £5 with Coral and £14 with Betfair, I ended up with £27.32 on both accounts. So, that gives me a profit of £8.32, which is free money!


Is It Really 100% Risk-Free?

It’s true that matched betting allows you to make profits risk-free. However, there is a high risk of your account being flagged and limited by the bookies, which is an act called gubbing.

If you are consistently winning and taking too much value from the bookmaker, they will undoubtedly limit or completely ban your account.

That’s why it’s challenging to earn money consistently for an extended period with matching betting.


So, unfortunately, this probably won’t give you the financial freedom we are all craving for.

Some people claim it’s possible to extend the lifetime of your account by placing mug bets (normal risk bets) in between your match betting strategy. But then, you will start losing money with gambling. Still, there is no guarantee you won’t be flagged.

At the end of the day, if you are making more money than losing, that’s enough reason for them to suspect you are using the matched betting method.


Free VS Membership

Profit Squirrel has a free and paid premium membership.

The free membership is limited to:

  • The first video tutorial
  • Basic Software
  • Access to a few offers.
  • Limited Support
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

The premium membership costs £24.99/month or £149.88/year and will give you the following benefits:

  • 30 Day Profit Guarantee: If you don’t make any profit, they will give your money back plus £100.
  • 50 Welcome offers that give you the potential to generate up to £1,500.
  • New offers daily that can help you earn £500 every month.
  • Powerful matching software.
  • Access to the private community.
  • Dedicated UK support.


Conclusion – Is Profit Squirrel a Scam?

No, it isn’t. Profit Squirrel is a legit platform that will certainly help you make money with matching betting.

The problem is that, as you make more and more money from the same bookmakers, they will eventually limit and even ban your account.

Now, it can take a while for this to happen and even if you are banned, you can still take advantage of new sites popping up every week.


So, there’s still a lot of money to be made with matching betting, and I highly recommend Profit Squirrel to help you on this journey.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it. Heck, you can even use the profit you make with the free membership to fund the first month of premium to get the ball rolling!

Verdict: Legit



Thanks for checking out my Profit Squirrel review. If you have questions, please let me know in the comment section below.

By the way, if you want to learn how I make over $2000 per month online with another strategy, make sure you check out my #1 recommendation review.

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