Is The Oxford Method a Scam? Avoid Like The Plague

Is the oxford Method a ScamEvan Write will show you 3 videos in an attempt to make you sign up for his opportunity to become a millionaire.

He claims he will guide you to hundreds of thousands of pounds within the next month! Gosh, where is all this money coming from? Is The Oxford Method a Scam? 

Read my review below where I show you my honest opinion about it.

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The Oxford Method Review

  • Product Name: The Oxford Method
  • Website:
  • Price: $250 minimum
  • Money Making Strategy: Binary Options
  • Owner: Anonymous
  • Recommended? NO
  • Overall Rating: 0 out of 10


What is The Oxford Method?

The Oxford Method is a website giving out a free binary options software that places automatic trades. There is a clone version of this website called The Aussie Method, which is the same affiliate promoting the same trading platform.

If you don’t know what binary options are, the first thing you need to know is that it’s one of the most efficient ways to lose money online.

Before I show you the details about this trading software, let me give you an overview and my honest opinion about binary options.


Binary Options – Good or Bad Stuff? 

In binary options, you have to decide if the price of an asset is going up (CALL) or down (PUT). An asset can be represented by currency pairs (EUR/US), stocks, indices, and commodities.

If you guess correctly, you earn up to 85% on top of your investment. Otherwise, 100% of what you invested goes straight to the broker’s account in Panama or another tax haven.


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Think about it, you have a 50% chance of winning, but because of this huge disadvantage, you have to win significantly more times than lose in order to break even. Yes, only to break even!

You may see many websites claiming it’s possible to make a consistent profit with binary options. Well, most of them are earning commissions by promoting trading platforms, so you can expect they will say the method is highly profitable.

If binary options were so profitable and reliable in the long term, why would they bother creating websites and use affiliate marketing to promote it? Because they know affiliate marketing is a safe and powerful way to make money online.

It’s just impossible to lower the risks in binary options by any means! There is no software or strategy able to get you very far. Trust me!


Gambling on Autopilot With The Oxford Method! 

Now we arrive at the opportunity of your lifetime! A software that will earn you hundreds of thousands per month, with just one click.

Promise that you will make hundreds of thousands in the next 30 days

The waiter serving your nice dinner, the engineer designing your million dollar Ferrari and the chemist creating a medicine for your high blood pressure… Where would you find them? Enjoying life in a desert Island!

No, the world economy would collapse, that’s for sure!

The Oxford Method’s software will place trades on autopilot for you. However, it doesn’t even explain which data it uses to make decisions.


When you click on “How it Works” in the main menu, it doesn’t lead you anywhere.

Evan Wright is so confident you will become a millionaire that he promises to pay you £10,000 from his own pocket if you don’t make it. Well, he didn’t sign any contract for you, did he?


Let’s Go Deeper! 

After you provide your email, you will land on another sales page with yet another over-hyped video.

The video just entices you to open an account with the broker by saying you will make lots of money and that the system is completely free! I'm not going to ask you for money

Proceeding to the next page, AGAIN you will find another video.

This time, you are asked to fund your account before you can trade with the program. How much? They don’t tell you!

But I know because I visited the broker’s website and the minimum deposit is $250. That’s a lot of money to put at risk!

You have to have a small amount of money in the account

If you close the page, the payment form shows up.

If you close that page, you will be looking at the software itself – a simple web page where you can select the amount you want to trade (min $25) and chose to activate or deactivate the auto trading.

auto trading platform
The Auto Trading Platform


The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued a warning about fraudulent schemes involving binary options on their website. This is a snippet from the article that you can find here.

CFTC Fraud advisories

As binary options platforms are poorly regulated around the World, scammers take full advantage of places where they can operate without restrictions. If you still want to risk your money in this kind of trading, at least check if the broker has a license in UK, Cyprus, Malta or the US.


Nevertheless, regulation is not a guarantee of trustworthiness, and you should always pick those with the highest reputation and customer feedback.



As I already mentioned, RBOpions is the broker behind The Oxford Method at the moment. After a little bit of research, I found that this is not a regulated broker but has a fairly good reputation.

It uses a respectable trading platform called SpotOption and positive reviews throughout the internet seem to indicate this is a serious broker.

However, I am confident the Oxford Method can’t increase your chances of winning, so you should expect losses.



I have reviewed similar websites that promise to make you a millionaire using a free trading software:

Usually, they never tell you how the software really works and do you know what?  It doesn’t really matter!

The financial market is so unpredictable that the practical results of using an algorithm or a program that simply gives random trades will be the same. The risks are always high, no matter what!

To be honest, you are better off playing roulette in the casino, I am not joking!



How to Make Money Online – The Wise Way

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Thanks for reading and I hope my review was informative to you. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave your message below. I am always here to give you a hand.

Your friend


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