Is Scarlet Clicks a Scam Or a Legit Paid-to-Click?

Scarlet Clicks review

The first time I stumbled across a paid-to-click website and realized I had to view more than 10-20 ads just to make $0.01, I was shocked! Is Scarlet Clicks a Scam then?

Well, If you already checked the payout for each viewed ad on PTC platforms like Scarlet Clicks, Clixten, and Neobux, you know that making good money with this method is impossible! However, there are a few people who make good revenue by referring other people.

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Scarlet Clicks Review

  • Name: Scarlet Clicks
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Business Type: PTC (Paid-to-Click)
  • [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”] Score: 2.5/5


What is Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet Clicks is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that has been running since 2009. As the name suggests, it pays for clicking and viewing advertisements for some seconds. On the other hand, webmasters can pay to get traffic (visitors) for their websites/offers.

The difference between the money charged for traffic and the money paid for your clicks is the platforms’ profit.

Is Scarlet Clicks a Scam?

Scarlet Clicks have a good reputation with its members so far. The majority of reviews and comments on the internet and its long-lasting existence suggests it is a legitimate site.

However, no one knows how long the platform is going to last, and therefore, there is always a risk involved if you decide to invest.


Pros and Cons


  • It is open for any citizen of any country.
  • Stable PTC.
  • Only $2 to cash out.
  • Unlimited direct referrals for any membership type.
  • Payment via Paypal.


  • Extreme low-income potential.
  • Not many ads available compared to other sites.
  • There is a forum available.


How Does it Work? 

Viewing Ads

After you create a free account, you will see all the available ads inside the “View Ads” located on the menu.

Scarlet Clicks ads
Scarlet Clicks ads

Clicking on one ad will take you to the advertiser’s website with a loading bar at the top of the page. You just have to wait until the loading is finished and click on the upside down image. This is just a procedure to prevent cheating.

The money earned for each click is ridiculous. Well, I would never expect much from such an effortless task anyway. The highest value I saw was $0.001 and the lowest, $0.0002. The number of ads available is also disgraceful, so you should not expect to earn more than 2 cents in a day.

Such a low-income potential encourages the members to search for other alternatives, such as getting referrals. That’s what I will be covering next.

Direct referrals for free

Direct referrals are people who accept an invitation from you and joins Scarlet Clicks via your unique affiliate link. When this happens, you will earn a percentage of all that your referral earns. That’s a beautiful concept but it takes a long time to get many referrals if you don’t have an established website. That’s why I always recommend you to start an affiliate marketing online business.

Is it possible to make good money referring people to Scarlet Clicks? Possibly, but you gonna need hordes of people coming to your website. There are definitely much more profitable referrals programs to choose out there. My referral program is so much better, that I don’t need insignificant commissions from any PTC website, so I am not affiliated with any of them!

Buying or renting referrals

As direct referring is quite difficult, most PTC websites offer the possibility to buy or rent referrals.

For some reason, the buying referral system at Scarlet Clicks is not working for a couple of months now. However, I want to explain how it works in case it becomes active again.

Direct referrals are more expensive, but they are yours for life. Rented referrals are cheaper as you normally have them for 30 days. The problem with investing money to get referrals is that you can lose money. 

Think about it, each referral will earn a maximum of 2 cents a day. Would you keep viewing ads every single day to earn $0.60 after 1 month?

I wouldn’t… most people wouldn’t. So, it is reasonable to expect a sharp decline in clicks day by day, making it extremely hard to get your investment back.

Rented referrals

PTC websites have been accused of using fake referrals (bots) to generate automated and random clicks.

If that is the case, the programming language behind certain paid-to-click websites as designed to earn you some money, but always less than what you invested.

Here is a snippet from the Advanced Bot System of PTCpay, a company which sells scripts for PTC websites:

What bots do is take it a step further. They allow the creation of automated (non-real) members who behave as real members do. Their behavior is controlled by adjusting their click percentages and other options which changes how they earn. There are two versions of the bots. One clicks ads as in the physical since. The other does not. This is due to many requests for both versions being made and the many different business models which exist. You get both versions with purchase and are then able to decide on how you would like to use them.



We will never know if Scarlet Clicks uses bots, but I just want to warn you that if you buy referrals, you have no guarantee of profits.


Is it worth upgrading your account? 

In my opinion, no. Investing money every month to earn a few cents more per click will get you nowhere! Besides, any PTC can such down without warning. So, it’s a risky investment.


Other Ways to Make Money


There is also the possibility to make money with paid to sign up offers  (PTSU) and to win prizes of up to $1 with the ScarletGrid.

In this last option, you have to choose and click on a little square of the grid, view more ads and hope to get the prize. It is hard to win, so you will give tons of free clicks for them. Not recommended!

PTSU offers
PTSU offers

Cashing Out

To withdraw your cash, you have to reach a minimum of $2. They will pay you within 7 days either via Paypal or Payza.

Bottom Line

Scarlet Clicks is just like most PTCs out there. It pays less than 1 cent for each ad, with is discouraging.

In order to see a single dollar, you have to click all Ads every single day for almost 2 months, unless you start investing in referrals and upgrades. However, there is no guarantee you will get a return on your investment.

Verdict: Not recommended! 


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Thanks for dropping by my website and reading this article. I hope it was informative! If you have any questions, leave the comment box below. I am always here to help you!

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16 thoughts on “Is Scarlet Clicks a Scam Or a Legit Paid-to-Click?”

  1. I read your review of Scarlet Clicks and I agree with your finding. They appear to offer very little value to induce me to work for them. Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice for online marketing. I noticed that you recommend WA as an alternative to Scarlet Clicks. Thanks for allowing me to comment on your site.

    1. Hi Mijareze, no problem!Wealthy Affiliate is focused on another business model called internet marketing, which is way more profitable than PTC websites. I mean, there is no comparison, to be honest. Achieving success with internet marketing (IM) takes time, but it is amazing to earn single commissions of more than $10! This is considered residual income, because it comes from something you did in the past and is paying you over and over again. Now, when you start making money with IM, it is always possible to double your income until you achieve your financial goals. Persistence is key!Stefan

  2. Hi BethanyWe can never confirm that Scarlet Clicks is using fake referrals. However the possibility to buy the scripts are there for many years.

  3. Hi, Stefan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your honest and realistic review of Scarlet Clicks, as well as the comments.

    What happened to dimebug is apparently nothing new. I´ve read similar stories online of people who actually invested money in certain ptc´s and renting referral bots and then all of sudden couldn´t access their accounts anymore.

    I´m also happy to read you are recommending Wealthy Affiliate as a much, much better alternative for folks wanting to make money online as I have been with them a while myself now. WA really is the far better way to go.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Tessa, thanks for your comment. PTCs are ineffective when used for free and too risky when to go premium . You never know what’s happening behind doors, so it’s a big and unnecessary risk.

      The best way to make money online is through internet marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is the top place to learn the craft of building lucrative sites.


  4. I have been on several sites for years with little to no trouble. Making money on the web is nice. I haven’t been on Scarlet Clicks for long. They advertise as one of the best click sites. I went on there a couple of times. Most of the time when I try to login I am unable to. Sent them another message this morning about that. Wonder if they will even help with the issue. They do send me a new password and that doesn’t work either most of the time. I did like the idea that you can cash out when you reach two dollars, but how long does it take to even get there.

    1. Hi Judith,

      Scarlet Clicks is not a bad PTC site. However, you could be spending your time more efficiently by taking advantage of online marketing. It’s way more profitable in the long term, and it can potentially help you reach a full-time income.

      It can take more than 1 month to reach $2. As a comparison, my affiliate site earns me almost $1 per hour 24/7! And the best part is that the revenue always growing!

      If you are interested in the same strategy, check out Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step training.

  5. Janaka, have you tried to contact Scarlet Click and ask why you were banned?

    Usually, there are some rules to prevent abuse from members that want to “game” the system. I am not saying you did something wrong on purpose. But maybe you did something against the rules unintentionally.

    I hope you get your membership back so you can claim the money you deserve. Let me know…

  6. I have join scarlet click for 1 month.
    I pretty decent.
    But i have to agree that the profit is insignificant.
    Consider i have invest 70 dollar in it.
    I think i only get about 20 ROI for a years.
    About the refferal bot.
    I maybe true maybe not.
    No one knows.

  7. Hello, sharing my experience here, i joined SC 23/5/2017 and invested 70 dollars to upgrade to mothly gold and rent 500 refs (the maximum for that membership) i already recived 22.5$, with the autopay on i have 1/1.5$ daily profit. My plan is to recive 100% of the 70 dollars first and then keep money to upgrade more my account and rent more refs too boost my profit and eventualy have money to get Diamond account. You gave good advices, but i think the ref System is good uless u reach 200% of your ROI, then the rr clicks Will Drop. My advise is Just dont reach 200% in any Ptc with evolucion script and keep investing

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Hugo. Your strategy is interesting and it would be great to see how far one can go with scarlet clicks. I am still a bit skeptical of any PTC investment because I know there are bad business practices involving such platforms. So let us know your progress. Good luck


  8. I was member of Scarlet Clicks about 7 years. But when I requested a bigger payout, got immediately account suspension. I think it’s already a scam.

  9. I think you don’t try in Scarlet-clicks or you don’t follow a good strategy. I found there (link deleted) a great strategy. I try it, and until now so far is going very smooth. So my opinion Scarlet-clicks deserve…

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