Is The Millionaire Blueprint a Scam or a Ticket to Heaven?

Is Millionaire Blueprint a ScamSo, the mentor of Millionaire Blueprint will turn $200 into $1 MILLION in 90 days! The system is completely automated and it will supposedly manipulate the financial markets just so you become a millionaire! Is The Millionaire Blueprint a scam then? Let’s have a look!

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Millionaire Blueprint Review

  • Product Name: Millionaire Blueprint
  • Website:
  • Business Type: Binary Options
  • Price: The Useless software is Free – BUT, a minimum deposit of $250 is required.
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Score: 0/10


What is Millionaire Blueprint? 

Millionaire Blueprint is a promoter to make you trade money on a binary options platform. They say the risks are greatly reduced by using the magic binary options trading robot.

This is what will happen: The broker will receive your money and pay a commission to the owner of Millionaire Blueprint.

I don’t see any difference from the other binary options platforms that I reviewed except that Millionaire Blueprint claim they manipulate the financial markets just so you can make money with the free software.

They don’t explain how exactly they are doing that, but I am confident they can’t do that. In any case, most market manipulation strategies are white-collar crimes.

Binary Options Explained

Binary Options - Call/PutBinary Options, although legitimate, is a very risky kind of trading. The high/low or call/put is the most common type of binary options trade. The trader has to decide whether the price of an asset will go up or down a certain value (strike price) during a certain time frame (expiry time).

There are only 2 outcomes: You either win or lose.

Now, these assets can be stocks, currencies, commodities, among others whose prices are controlled by the global markets. This means that it is simply impossible to have any kind of control over it! The financial market is highly volatile and unpredictable. The prices go up and down randomly and your chances are basically 50/50. You can make an informed guess based on trends and events that happened in the economy or politics,  but it will never be more than that, just a guess!

The only positive thing, compared to another trading, is that you know your risks and rewards in advance. So, you know precisely you much you are going to win or lose depending on the performance of the asset’s price.

When you buy a “call option”, you hope that the price will go up, and when you buy a “put option”, you think it is going down the strike price.



Let’s say you want to trade $100 in gold. The current price of gold is $1115 and you predict that it to go up in an hour. Most brokers have a fixed expiry time while there are others who let you choose.

Great! The system will then set the strike price at $1200 (just as an example). If the price of gold closes above the strike price, we say that the option expired in-the-money and you make around 65-80%. On the other hand, if the price closes down, the option expired out-of-the-money, and you lose all your initial $100 investment.


Brokers have a huge advantage

With the last example, you realize that in order to profit from binary options, you have to guess correctly most of the times to cover the big losses. So, although you have a 50% chance to win a trade, the brokers have a much higher chance to take all your money!

Certainly, many experienced people are making good money with binary options. But even with expertise, there are a lot of money to be lost.

A great concern involving Binary Options is that they are still poorly regulated around the world. The only countries who actually have a regulatory body are the U.S. ( SEC and DFTC), Cyprus (CYSEC), Malta (MFSA) and the UK (FCA). Therefore, lack of control incentivises unscrupulous activities throughout the internet.

If you really want to risk your money in binary options, you need to make sure the broker is registered in one of those countries to avoid scams.

Avoid websites that offer you a “free” software like the plague. Some of them can be used to manipulate the expiry time and other data to generate losing trades. Not only that, there is also the risk of being charged without permission, refusal of payments and identity theft. 


Here is a warning note from The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC):

We strongly encourage investors to check the background of brokers and advisers and trading platforms before making a decision to invest. If investors can’t obtain simple background information such as whether the financial professional is registered with the SEC or FINRA, then they should be extremely wary.


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A Profitable Entertainment 

As you can see, it is impossible to predict the market. But Millionaire Blueprint wants us to believe they’ve created an algorithm, an automated trading software that gives signals to improve your chances of winning. They go as far as to say the winning rate averages 82%, which is a figure they can’t prove.

When you go to the bottom of the homepage, a video is waiting for you. Before you click on it, just have a look at the text bellow. It explicitly confirms that the video sale is fictitious and only used to demonstrate the potential of the signals software.

Disclaimer saying the video is fake


They go on and say that it should only be used for entertainment and that there are no guarantees of success. Wait a second here, did I hear entertainment? Entertainment for me is going to a rock concert to vent my anger on these people. Come on, playing with other’s money and dreams is not funny at all!

The video is immoral! It’s a collection of lies that they want to cover up as simply “entertainment”. It makes me sick!

  • 152 people joined and became millionaires in 90 days.
  • They are only taking 7 people today because it is too risky
  • There are no losses with this system
  • The amount of money it can make is infinite
  • The system is completely free because they are already millionaires and don’t need your money!
  • The list goes on and on.

They want to make you believe that the system:

  • Will make you rich fast! Red flag 1 
  • Poses no risk! Red flag 2
  • Has limited seats – They want you to act fast so you don’t have the time to look for reviews like this one! Red flag 3
  • Is completely free in a first moment so you don’t get discouraged too soon. Red flag 4

This mega video production of 32 minutes is designed to make them millionaires, not you! To be honest, I am quite impressed with the performance of the main actor and narrator. I just wonder how can this guy sleep with a clear conscience?

The truth:

  • You have to deposit a minimum of $250.
  • In binary options, you have to win consecutively to cover each big loss. The risk is extremely high!
  • The software is free because it is just a bait to make you believe that you have nothing to lose, that it’s a wonderful opportunity!


Billionaire Blueprint is Making Huge Profits From Your Deposit

I checked the referral program offered by the broker and found something interesting. If you refer anybody that opens up an account and make the initial deposit, you earn $50 for each referral.

The offer $50 per referral

Yes! That means Billionaire Blueprint is profiting, at least, $50 for each person that trusted the “entertaining” video.


My Conclusion and Honest Advice

Thumbs DownBy nature, Binary options are very risky operations, even using regulated brokers. You don’t want to increase that risk by engaging with untrustworthy platforms.

This website will never make you financially free. 

Verdict: Not Recommended


A Profitable, Honest and Reliable Way to Make Money Online

I told you that the owner of Millionaire Blueprint is earning commissions by referring (recommending) you to a broker called Titan Trade. They are considered affiliates of Titan Trade.

Although profitable, you may agree that this is far from an honest and reliable approach to referring someone

So, the profitable, honest and reliable way to make money online is using the internet marketing to help and inform people, not deceive them! By creating a website and choosing any topic of your choice (preferably something you are passionate about), you are able to recommend trustworthy products and services and earn affiliate commissions. There is no secret in it, and every website owner knows about the huge potential they have on their hands.


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  1. Hi Matthew! My favourite way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. I think this is the best long-term strategy because it is scalable, profitable and you can have the freedom that very few brick and mortar businesses are able to provide. The affiliate commissions can build up quickly, especially if you choose to promote a product/service that offers recurring income – for instance, a product that required a monthly or yearly subscription. Digital products are awesome become you can usually find affiliate programs offering 50%!If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read this article: Why and How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business. I hope that helpsAll the bestStefan

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