Is Direct News 24 a Scam?

is direct news 24 a scamI’ve recently come across a Google ad that had the following title: “$8,000/mo working from home – Make $87/hr working online”. Pretty enticing, right?

When you see this type of ad, don’t even waste your time checking what is inside. It’s never a good thing!Google ad - $8,000 working from home

I went ahead and landed on a very suspicious news website. It makes you dream about making thousands of dollars for working only 3 hours a day from the comfort of your home. So, is Direct News a Scam or legitimate?


Uncovering Direct News 24 

First of all, making $8,000 per month online is possible. In fact, there are thousands of internet marketers who earn much more than that. Click here and read about the best training platform to achieve that income level.

The problem is that the internet is full of people trying to sell you products and services that promise huge profits without any effort.

When I entered the link, I landed on a website called Direct News 24. Note that the name doesn’t match the web address promoted in the ad – So, that’s the first red flag.

Then you will see an article entitled “From Zero to Hero-Mon: Young Woman Makes £9,750 per Month From Home for her Family”. WOW!

It tells a story of a poor mom who lost her job and faced severe financial problems. That was when she discovered a simple software that allowed her to work only 3 hours per day and earn more than £8,000 per month! I see…


you only need to work 3 hours per day

Trust me, I heard that same story one hundred times before. A software that will make you lots of money on autopilot will never exist!

Continuing with the fairy tale, the title says the woman makes £9,750, but later on, you discover that her record was actually £8,795 for a month. Ops… just a small slip-up.

My record so far was £8,795

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100% FAKE! 

Now, here is the interesting part!

The site was designed to look like a genuine news website, but it’s 100% FAKE.  It doesn’t matter if you click on politics, sports, World news or whatever. Every single link that you see on that page will lead you to the same website that will push you this fabulous system.


Which system? Well, it depends on the day and the exact website that you visit. Yes, there are clones of the same page in different addresses promoting different get rich quick schemes.

I spot only 2 pages, but I suspect there are more!

For example, is currently promoting The Brit Method, and is promoting WonderClicks.

Note that both sites are identical, except for the money Vanessa, our hero mom, is making. Just take a look:


So, What is the Brit Method and WonderClicks All About?


Simply put, both sites are scams involving binary options. They will try to convince you that their software can beat the financial market and generate huge profits with no effort. No, it can’t!

binary options scams

I have reviewed dozens of similar websites! By the way, the Brit Method is literally the same as The Oxford Method, The Singapore Method, The Canuck Method and many other “methods”.

You are dealing with very smart marketers who will grab your attention by telling you that the software is 100% free and that there are no risks. Absolutely nonsense!

You must make a minimum deposit of $250 to the binary options broker. And you will lose all your money, as the system is even riskier than gambling.

So, don’t fall for them!


My Verdict

In my opinion, you should stay well away from Direct News 24. They will not direct you to a real job opportunity nor a way to earn a reliable income online.

In reality, they are just an affiliate site. Meaning that they will earn commissions if you end up clicking on their links and making a deposit.



Update 1

After 10 months since I wrote this review, Direct News 24 is still up and running! They use multiple websites to advertise on AdWords, and when people click on these ads, they are redirected to

The site is still linking to the binary options industry, which is basically a very dangerous type of gambling.


Update 2 

After 1 year and a half, Direct News is still investing in advertising and now promoting scams related to Binary Options. The current website that you will probably see when you click on any link is Bitcoin Loophole.

It’s a very risky system that has nothing to do with “working” online. It’s all about trading with cryptocurrencies, which are extremely volatile.


Update 3

The next website that direct news 24 has directed people to is called Bitcoin Focus Group, which will also direct you to a cryptocurrency trading platform. Extremely risky, folks!


How Can You Really Make a Living Online? 

successIt’s possible to make a living online and finally get the freedom you have always dreamt of, but please understand that you will have to work hard for it.

There are simply no shortcuts, but for those willing to put in the time and effort, the reward is awesome!

The strategy that I always recommend and has been working for me is called affiliate marketing. This strategy allows you to make commissions by promoting other people’s products through your own website.

There are many advantages of building a website and promoting products as an affiliate. Here are some of my favorite ones:

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  • Unlimited income potential
  • No customers or inventory
  • Work at your own pace
  • Make money regardless of where you are
  • You can create a profitable site focused on your passion. So it doesn’t feel like a job!


If you are willing to commit yourself to success, get started here, follow the free step by step training, and build the foundation of your online business. That’s the best advice I can give you.

Also, if you have any thoughts or questions leave me a message below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

Your friend


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11 thoughts on “Is Direct News 24 a Scam?”

  1. Hey, I just came across the site when I was researching how to get started with a CPA marketing program, i would really like to find a good site where I can start doing CPA work and making money online, Know any good ones?

    1. Hi Brett, yes! Which method are you using to advertise your CPA offers? You can advertise them in many ways, but I highly recommend you build an online business (website). Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to do that.

      In case you already have the means to advertise, these are the top CPA networks you can join:

      I hope this helps


  2. Haha this is a joke stefan. You start off by saying this website is fake but then you advertise yourself and your website on this post. Whose to say they aren’t both fake?

    1. Yes, I promote Wealthy Affiliate because I truly believe this is the best training for my readers who want to make a steady online income. It’s a win-win situation, right?

      Now, I am not forcing you to buy anything. It’s up to you follow my recommendations or not. Try both for yourself and discover for yourself, then.

  3. No worries.

    I noticed the domain names are not showing that article anymore. You will either see an error page or a completely different page. So, I think someone already reported this scam.

    I was shocked to see the owner was using Adwords to promote such scammy affiliate site. How could they allow this to happen?

  4. It’s funny. The same woman is called Signe in the Danish translation
    And had earned 100.000dkk and later on only 80.000

      1. In my country (Czech Rep.) it says she comes form Czechia. The names are still Vanessa and Sabrina, which is pretty funny as we don’t have many of those here. Of course there’s a slight chance they might meet in one family but this is the first warning for us, I guess.

  5. It’s so funny that you say this system is fake but you direct everyone to another scam, what a bunch of lying sons of ***.

    Profiling your own system to use which is a scam and slagging off another system which actually works. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on this website.

    Stop talking shit on something you know nothing about.

  6. I have found similar scams posing as the BBC News site Finance page…

    After reporting it to the BBC and the Money Saving Expert – both fraudulently made to appear to be part of the scam – I wondered about warning the Job site it appears on, but concluded that they’d only take it down, preventing the BBC and MSE from investigating.

    Be warned: check EVERY opportunity before clicking on a page!

    1. Thanks for your contribution to this post. It’s a shame this Direct News 24 has been promoted for so long through Google AdWords. Google is so strict regarding what they allow in their system, but somehow they managed to bypass that. From what I can see, they are using different domain names to promote on Adwords, and when you click on the ad, it redirects to another page.

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