Is Cambridge Method a Scam? The Truth Exposed!

Is the Cambridge Method a ScamYou just can’t stop wondering if the Cambridge Method will give you $100,000+ per month so you don’t have to worry about money ever again.

It looks like the perfect dream…

You don’t need any knowledge, you don’t need to work, it’s quick, AND it’s completely free! Heck, it’s probably even better than winning the lottery!

But wait a minute and think carefully. Why? Why are they giving you the opportunity to become a millionaire? Where are the guaranteed profits coming from? Is the Cambridge Method another scam? 

Read on and discover the truth before you put your money in this suspicious system.

Cambridge Method Review 

  • Product Name: Cambridge Method
  • Website:
  • Money Making Strategy: Binary Options
  • Price: $250 minimum
  • Recommended? No
  • Score: 0/10

They Are All The Same

The same video that you see at was also available at AND So, you had 3 different websites offering the same opportunity. This is not good!

It means they are rebranding the video only to get away from a bad reputation and to attract more people.

Next, you can see a screenshot from Ever Green Formula and GreenWood Formula, which don’t exist anymore.

greenwood formula

Ever Green Formula

When you try to visit, it redirects you to Code Fibo, which is another get rich scheme involving binary options.



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What is Cambridge Method All About?

First of all, have you noticed this multi-millionaire called Jake Orton didn’t even explain what his system is all about? It’s curious that he said “hundreds of thousands of dollars” more than 30 times and not a single word about the method itself. Clearly, he is trying to make you act fast before you discover the truth.

The Cambridge Method is an auto trading software in binary options. The reason Jake didn’t tell you this is because binary options is an extremely risky type of trading. It’s even riskier than dealing with stocks.

Besides, the internet is full of such useless software that will never deliver on its promises. I lost count of how many testimonials I’ve read of people that lost thousands of dollars with those magic auto traders.

Why is Binary Options Risky? 

Binary Options is a kind of trading where you simply bet/trade on the movement of asset prices. The transactions are only between you and the broker, which is the binary options platform. Imagine the broker as an online casino. They pay you when you win, and you pay them when you lose.

For example, if you think the price of Gold will go up after 15 minutes, you place a CALL. If you are correct, you win 70-85% of the amount you traded. Now, if you are wrong, you lose everything! In that case, the broker will keep your money…

girl scared

Can you see why it’s so risky? They have a huge advantage against you. Unless you have insane experience in the financial markets, binary options is like gambling with little chance of success.

It’s also important to know that Binary Options are widely unregulated around the world. So, you can easily involve yourself with unscrupulous brokers that will do everything to steal your money and identity.

If you want to learn more about binary options fraud, read this warning document from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.



No Software can Predict the Markets

The Cambridge Method is said to predict the markets and generate winning trades 97.56% of the time.

97.56% winning rate

Is it really possible? The answer is NO! 

No software can predict future events in the economy, politics, and business in general. Thus, it’s impossible to anticipate if a given asset will increase or decrease in value price, especially after such a short timeframe.

I have warned people about many other deceitful websites. Pay My Vacation, The Oxford MethodAlgo Trading Robot and Blazing Trader are just a few examples.


It’s Not Free! 

All these so-called auto traders are said to be free, but you always have to fund the broker’s account with at least $250. That’s a lot of money to put at risk, don’t you think?

Here is a screenshot of the page where you have to insert your credit card details:


deposit page

Why are They Giving you the Opportunity to Become a Millionaire?

According to Jake, it’s because he’s been very fortunate, and just want to give it back.

Jake just want to give it back

That’s far from the truth! The owner of Cambridge Method just have one goal in mind – Convince you to make a deposit for the broker.

When you make the deposit, the broker knows that Jake was responsible for luring you into the system. Then, it will give Jake a generous commission and you will lose your money. 

Commissions can be higher than $100 for each person that he refers to the broker. So, now you understand why the Cambridge Method exists. Not to make you a millionaire, but to make you waste a lot of money! 




You should avoid The Cambridge Method at all costs. Hordes of people are being misled every single day because of similar opportunities to become rich overnight. Don’t be another one to flush money down the toilet.


Verdict: Not Recommended

A Safe Strategy to Make Money Online

If you want to make a decent income online without risking your hard-earned money, you should build an online business. It’s certainly the safest and most efficient strategy!

An online business can give you the freedom you have always dreamt of. But I need to be 100% honest with you. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve success without putting in the time and effort…

That’s because there are probably millions of people that want the same thing as you – a full-time income online. Yes, it’s achievable, but there are 3 requirements that you can’t ignore:

  • Learn the right strategy
  • Take action
  • Be patient

So, the first thing to do is learn the right strategy and then start building your site.

There is an all-inclusive platform that I use and highly recommend. It’s not only an easy to follow training course, but a website building platform and a huge community of supportive members.

You will be able to interact with them (including me and the owners) and ask questions whenever you feel stuck.

What’s great is that they are offering a 7-day free trial that will help you set the foundation for your online business. You have nothing to lose, so click on the link below and learn more about my #1 recommendation.


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Thanks for reading this article and I hope this was helpful to you. Feel free to drop me a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic.

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