Is Instant Cash App a Scam? Useless App

Is instant cash app a scamCan you really male $2000 per day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with Instant Cash App? I have reviewed many auto trading software before and all I can say upfront is that none was able to deliver what they promised.

It’s terrible, but there are many people losing money in hopes they can become financially free overnight. So, is Instant Cash App a scam or legit?

Check my review, and see if this app is different from all the other misleading platforms.

Instant Cash App Review

  • Product Name: Instant Cash App
  • Website:
  • Price: $250 (minimum)
  • Money Making Strategy: Binary Options
  • Score: 0 out of 10

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What is Instant Cash App?

Instant Cash App is a software supposed to predict the financial markets and place winning trades in binary options.

It is important to know what binary options is so you understand the risks involved and why a software cannot increase your chances of making money.

Understanding Binary Options

Well, it’s not that difficult.  Binary Options is a simple way to speculate in the financial markets without actually buying assets (stocks, indices, commodities, currency). Everything happens in a broker’s online platform, where you deposit money and trade (bet) on the outcomes of a given asset.

On the most common trading, you have to choose if the price of an asset will go up ( you place a Call option) or down (you place a Put option) the current value. You also chose how much you want to trade and the expiry time, which varies from 60 seconds to 24 hours.

For example, if you think the price of the Euro against the Dollar will increase in 1 hour, you place a Call option. If it does increase, you win 70 to 85% on top of your investment, depending on the platform. However, if the price goes down, you will lose 100%! This significant edge against you is how most brokers manage to profit hugely over time.



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Trading in Binary Options is Very Risky!

If you think that trading in stocks is risky, trading in binary options is even riskier because of the extremely short expiration time.

There are many economic and political factors that influence the price of an asset, so deciding what’s going to happen 1 minute from now is like coin flipping.

gambling - roulette


How Does it Work? 

After you insert your name, email and phone number, you will land on the broker’s platform, where you have to deposit at least $250. That’s a lot of money to put at risk!

But the guy guarantees that Instant Cash App will place winning trades 93% of the times on auto-pilot. All you have to do is choose the amount you want to trade and activate the App.

93% accuracy

Then, money will start pouring into your bank account with one click and you will make $2000/ day for the rest of your life! Seriously?

Instant Cash App Can’t Predict the Market!

No computer program can predict the markets and increase winning rates! Why? Simply because the results of the financial market depend on many market forces that no software is able to anticipate.

It’s important to keep in mind that brokers can only exist as long as the majority of traders are losing money, as they only make money when people lose a trade! So, if there really was a software able to predict the market, all brokers would go bankrupt and there would be no binary options to begin with.


Don’t Be Fooled!

This guy called Mark Davis urges you to act fast by saying there are only 50 memberships available this year! You can see a countdown at the end of the page to receive the free software.

But don’t be fooled because this countdown resets again after you refresh the page, and you are allowed to go through even though the time is up. Seriously, I hate this marketing strategy!


Besides, I checked the history of this website at and saw that it was registered on February 2016! So how come there are still places available for such a life-changing opportunity? REgistration date

The reality is that Instant Cash App is an affiliate of the brokerage firm called Security Options, a non-registered broker.

As a result, every time you deposit money for this broker, the owner of this App will make a generous commission. Do you understand now why they are more than glad to give you a free and useless software?


Final Thoughts 

I am 100% sure Instant income App is not able to make $2000 per day for a single user.

You can see a couple of positive reviews on the internet, but all of them are making money promoting this website. For sure they are not able to make that income level with the App, otherwise, they would be enjoying life, not wasting time writing an article about it!


Here is My Advice

Don’t trust anyone promising to make you rich overnight, that won’t happen! If you want a reliable income from home, you should build an online business and start working for yourself. The foundation of any online business is a website, which is capable of attracting thousands of people all over the world, 24/7.

A website is a powerful tool to attract a large audience and promote products from Amazon or any other online retailer. When people buy products after clicking on your website, you earn a good commission! Your website can grow without limits and that’s how you can realistically reach an income level of $1000s every month!

If you want to start your own online business, click on the link below to read about my #1 recommended platform. They will guide you step by step and help you achieve you financial goals. It’s working for me and you can actually start your first 10 lessons and website creation completely free.


I hope this article was able to save you from a binary options trap. If you have any questions or thought, leave your message in the box below. I am glad to help you out!

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My #1 Recommendation

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