How to Make Money Searching The Web?

2016-03-08_16-57-12There are different ways to make money on the internet, but most of them will make you work for less than the minimum wage. This is the case with micro jobs and online surveys.

But there is a legitimate way that you can earn without any work and without any investment! By Searching the Web! Yes, there is a couple of websites that pays you to perform your normal daily searches. This means that you can type anything you need on a search bar and get some cents without wasting time with boring tasks.

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Where is the money coming from?

Well, companies are interested in promoting their products to internet users as this certainly increase sales. So, they pay certain websites to advertise their products according to what we search. In turn, they share these profits with us, as this an incentive to keep using their search engine. It’s that simple!

Getting rich with this method is impossible and you might feel frustrated because of the low payout. However, it adds up over time and you don’t have to waste your time while filling up your piggy bank. Just be aware that searching just for the sake of money can become a complete waste of time.

Next, I will show you the 3 best platforms to make money from searches. Let’s start with Qmee!

#1 – Qmee

Qmee was launched in 2012 and has become increasingly popular over the last years. You have to download and install the Qmee toolbar, which will keep running on your internet browser.

It works with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Tesco, Walmart, eBay and Best Buy. When you go to any of those search engines and type something, Qmee will see that keyword, match it with related products and services and eventually show some ads on the left corner of your screen. The reward will appear beside each ad and you have to click on it. The reward varies from $0.04 to $0.15 per ad if you live in the US and around £0.06-£0.08 if you are from the UK.

The process of making money with Qmee
The process to make money with qmee

Qmee states that users should expect to receive ads 15% of the time. In fact, the ads will appear randomly and depends on what you are searching. For example, if you typed about cooking ingredients most of the times and there was no promotion of related products, you would probably never see one ad.

Now, because Qmee is an app that tracks your searches and activities inside the merchants’ website, they will give more ads to those users that demonstrate more interest in the products. How? By taking some time on the product’s pages and browsing a bit.

Qmee is interesting because you search on the official websites and get the exact results. Another positive thing is that there is no minimum requirement to cash out. So, you don’t have to wait for weeks or even months to see some money in your Paypal account, which is good.

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#2 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is giant in the online rewards industry. It not only allows you to make money from searches but also from online surveys, completing offers, watching movies, shopping among other methods. The results are powered by Yahoo, so you rest assured they are reliable.

Swagbucks search engine

Different from Qmee, you don’t need to click on the ads and you have to perform your searches directly through Swagbucks’ platform. However, there is a handy option to make Swagbucks your default search engine by installing the Swagbucks Search Extension. After that, you can simply type directly from your browser to earn SB.

SB? What is that? It is the short for Swagbucks, which is also the name of the virtual currency or points earned inside the website. 1 USD is around 90 SB and £1 is around 170 SB.

I am sure you are curious to know what is the frequency of winning searches and how many SB you can earn for each occasion. Well, the official website states that you can net anything from 1 to 1000 SB for a single search. Well, I think they have chosen an unrealistic upper limit, which can be misleading. What I can say from my experience and other people’s comments in forums is that you can get an average of 4 winning searches a day worth from 4 to 10 SB each. So, expect 16-40 SB per day.

When I first used the platform, I was searching like crazy because I thought it would increase my chances. Don’t do that because it will be in vain. Just search when you really need and forget about it. The payout is too low to get too bothered.


#3 – Inbox Pounds/Dollars

Inbox Pounds logo
Inbox pounds/dollars
is a rewards website similar to Swagbucks but with fewer options. Nonetheless, earning money with their search engine is easier and more predictable.

You will earn £0.02 when you perform 4 qualified searches and a maximum of £0.15 for the day. There is also a £0.05 bonus when you perform searches for 4 days in a week. For the American version, Inbox Dollars, the amount is the same in dollars.

Inbox Pounds Search

A qualified search is simply a genuine search, without the attempt to trick the system with repetitive keywords, robots or computer scripts. Therefore, any natural search will yield money for you, irrespective of the kind of search you make. In this respect, Inbox Pounds/Dollars is better than Qmee and Swagbucks, where you have no idea when you will be rewarded.

There is also the option to set Inbox Pounds as you default search engine and never miss an opportunity to make money from your searches.

#4 – InstaGC

InstaGC is a reputable GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform like Inbox Pounds/ Dollars and Swagbucks. They also have an internal search engine where you can earn points for searching.

Different from InboxPounds, InstaGC doesn’t specify how many searches you have to perform to get rewarded. It also doesn’t specify how much you will earn. It’s pretty random! Sometimes it gives 3 points after 3 searches, 4 points after 2 searches and sometimes you don’t get anything no matter how many times you try. There must be a limit per day.

The results are a bit different from well-known search engines, so if you are searching for important information, go back to our master Google. 😉

InstaGC search engine

Final Thoughts

Earning money while performing your normal searches is an interesting concept. The important thing about this method is that you don’t need to change your routine and waste time on that. You will not earn a lot, but free money is always welcomed!

In this article, I showed you the top 3 websites that pay you for searches. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, so I encourage you to them all and stick to those that you prefer. At the moment, I have Qmee app installed in my browser and I always perform searches in Inbox Pounds that guarantees £0.15 every single day.

If you want significant money online, I mean, something that can replace your 9-5 job… then you have to dedicate your time and build your own business. Different from all the inefficient ways you can see out there like online surveys, paid offers, micro jobs and the like, the internet marketing can earn you commissions of $1000s per month.


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Have you tried any of those search engines? What do you think about them? Feel free to learn any question or comment below. I will be glad to hear from you!

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